11 Reasons You Should Date a Blogger


1 You can read her like a book.

Her life is literally an open book blog.

2 Your photography skills will improve exponentially.

At some point you may find yourself thinking, “Am I her boyfriend or photographer with benefits?”

3 Epic, exclusive, ongoing private tutorials in social media.

You’ll learn more about Twitter/Instagram/hashtagging that you ever wanted to thought possible.

4 Know the mistakes other guys made and how to avoid them.

Yes, she blogged about them. No, you shouldn’t need a blog to tell you not to leave your fucking diary lying around.

5 Nothing is sexier than confidence.

It’s pretty damn hard to blog without a strong sense of self and a propensity of self-motivation. High probability she’s intelligent, adorable, hilarious, and toooooootally modest too.

6 Stellar dates you don’t have to plan or pay for

Bloggers get press passes and plus ones to all sorts of events- some media exclusive, some with hefty ticket prices, many with open bars.

7 Cat gifs for all occasions.

She’s not a Crazy Cat Lady….

she’s the Queen of Cat Gifs!

8 Who doesn’t want someone to shout their name from the roof tops?

She actually will. Of course by “name” I mean pseudonym and by “roof tops” I mean blog.

9 You can zone out and she’ll still think you’re a great listener.

You already read the story she’s telling you.

10 Swag

With a fella in her life, she has a reason to respond to PR people who send her press releases for fancy-schmancy razors, compression boxer-briefs, and other MAN STUFF.

11. If there’s someone else, you’ll know.

She can’t resist blogging about it. Try not to read it.


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