“Brilliant” 2015 Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

I once dated a man who thought the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman were more impressive than all the modern art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’d like to say that was the reason I broke up with him, but alas I was too young and naive to know a deal-breaker when I saw one. Besides, the windows at Bergdorf’s are works of art. I wouldn’t go comparing them to the Met, but they never disappoint. Every holiday season I brave the 5th Avenue shopping crowds to feast my eyes on these displays. (Click for 2013 and 2014).


The 2015 Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows can be summed up in two words: SPARKLE and SWAROVSKI. Put them together and what do you get?


DSC04197Every window features thousands of Swarovski crystals. Knights in shining armor Bergdorf Goodman style = knights in shining Swarovski. “CROWN JEWELS” (naturally.)


Everything on a mannequin is available for purchase in the store. All incredibly high-end designer labels the likes of Pucci, Valentino, Dior. Everything else is coated in crystals. “GLITTERATI” (obvi.)


If you ever wondered what SEVEN MILLION Swarovski crystals would look like, now you know.


That dress is unbelievable. Even more mind-boggling is that the clothing still manages to stand out amongst all these crystals! (Of course the most mind-blowing is how much everything costs. But we’re not even going there. I couldn’t even begin to guess.)


“TREASURED” (yar, maytees.)


Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is these pants. Seriously Santa! Just think for a second how hard I would rock purple, jewel-encrusted pants! They’re amazing! “HIDDEN GEM (hidden in my stocking?)




This window was my favorite. Surrounded by Swarovski, making him the most upscale fortune-teller in all of New York. Who is he?  A monkey. A monkey! I love it!


“CRYSTAL BALL” (bananas).

There are so many details in each of these windows, it was impossible to capture them with the reflections and my camera. If you are in NYC, these are absolutely worth a trip to 5th Avenue. I love that Bergdorf Goodman never has traditional holiday windows. If you want snowmen and Santas and Christmas clichés, look in any other shop window. If you want to be dazzled by consumerism akin to art, look in the windows on the west side of 5th Avenue between 57th and 58th.


Do you think my ex-boyfriend had a point? Are the Bergdorf windows superior to Jackson Pollock? I’d never, ever argue that, but I might make the case that they’re more fun!

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