The Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman

Holiday windows are a tradition in New York City. People devote entire days to walking from Saks to Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor to Macy’s, to peer at the sparkling displays behind glass. Most of this is left to tourists and the crowds will keep most hardened New Yorkers away. Still, there is one store that tops them all, that even a jaded New Yorker will go out of her way to view.

The Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman 2013

Nothing else holds a candle to them.

The title for the 2013 show (it really is a show, as spectacular as the Rockettes) is Holidays on Ice. Each window representing a holiday.

Arbor Day
Valentine’s Day
Groundhog Day
April Fool’s! Yes, it’s supposed to be upside down!

There was also a New Year and a Mardi Gras that didn’t photograph well with my camera- too much translucent ice! Those weren’t my favorites though. I can’t decide which is! A tie between Arbor Day and April Fool’s. Which is your favorite?

In case you’re unfamiliar, Bergdorf Goodman is a specialty department on 5th Avenue. When they say, the lap of luxury, this is what they mean. I walk into this store, I could be wearing my nicest outfit, decked out to the nines, and I feel shlubby and poor. Every thing in Bergdorf’s is designer, much of it couture. This is a place where a simple cotton t-shirt is $200.

I once went on a date to the MoMA and afterwards walked by Bergdorf’s. Looking at the windows, my date said, “This is better than anything we saw in that museum!” I thought he was crazy for saying such a thing, but it wasn’t a deal breaker- the Bergdorf windows truly are pieces of art.

Do you have a tradition of viewing holiday windows? Have you ever been to Bergdorf Goodman? What do you think of this holiday display? Happy weekend and Happy holidays!

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  1. How cool! It’s my dream to go to New York around the holidays and do the total scene in “Elf” where they run around NY looking at window displays and Christmas trees =) Thank you so much for sharing!
    I loved the theme of the windows, especially April Fools!! Groundhog day looks a little creepy but all the other windows make up for it, lol!

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