The Best Cheap Optometrist NYC: 88 Optical Hester

Do you have 20/20 vision?

Yes? Fuck you. (I’m just jealous!)

No? Cool, Four Eyes unite!

I’ve been wearing glasses since tenth grade. Every year I let my prescription expire and haul myself to LensCrafters after I’ve worn my last pair of contacts twice as long as I’m supposed to. Let’s call it a tradition.

Today I broke tradition. I went on Yelp and typed in Lenscrafters Alternatives NYC. Okay, that’s a lie. I typed in “Cheap Optometrist NYC”.


Guys, I just got an eye exam AND half a years supply of contacts for $180. That’s practically the cost of an exam alone at LensCrafters! Maybe you have amazing insurance that covers eye care. If so, damn I’m jealous. But if you are like me and pay out-of-pocket, hate making appointments, and want and exam and a box of contacts all in less than 15 minutes, then I have the place for you.

Get your eyes down to Little Italy, the cross streets of Mott and Hester. 88 Optical Hester sits on the corner. It’s nothing fancy but the people are nice, the doctor sings in an 8 piece band and performs an eye exam faster than I can spell glaucoma. Don’t expect any frills but also you aren’t expected to make an appointments. It’s all walk ins. Maybe I got lucky but I was seen immediately. I walked in at 5:45PM and I was out the door legit at 6PM with a trial pair of Acuvye Oasys in my eyes, a box in my bag, and a glasses prescription ready to take to Warby Parker next week.

I was so happy with the experience I had to blog about it! They’re not paying me to write this, I’m just that pleased! They have great reviews on Yelp and if you found this blog Googling “Cheap Optometrist NYC” take it from me because I found one! They’re open 7 days a week and you can see the doctor anytime 11am-6pm. Yep even on weekends. I’m never going to LensCrafters again!

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4 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Optometrist NYC: 88 Optical Hester

  1. I, too, await the Warby Parker post! I don’t have glasses, but I *do* have a fake pair in my dresser for emergencies where I need to look clever/hipster. They’re rectangular Liz Lemon glasses. *shame shame shame*
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  2. Gah! This is the post I needed!! I have been wanting to a find an optometrist–any optometrist!–who won’t charge an arm and a leg for contacts. But what I really, really want is one who will write a prescription for me to fill on visiondirect or Warby Parker without throwing me serious shade. Every doc I’ve ever gone to has gotten irritated for me for not buying the contacts from them (what do I look like, a Rockefeller?). Thank you for this recommendation–definitely going!!

  3. I have been spending a lot on glasses as I seem to break them quite frequently. They are an expensive necessity. I read this review and decided to try it out. I must really say that 88 Optical Hester is the best choice for everybody.

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