Warby Parker is Ready For Spring with the Spectrum Sun Collection

Daylight savings was over a week ago yet I still find myself surprised when the sun is still out at seven. Sunshine and perfect blue sky makes it look like spring has arrived in NYC. Only in pictures. The sun is ready, the little green shoots struggling to emerge from the planters along my street are ready, my wardrobe of cute dresses is ready. EVERYONE I know is ready for spring. The temperature just won’t cooperate. We’re still in our winter coats (that need to be dry cleaned) and winter accessories (chances are, we’ve lost a glove), complaining about the frigid temperatures on twitter with every tweet.

2014-03-15 15.04.05
Sunshine, blue sky, perfect puffy clouds, the freedom tower, and 40 degrees.

The official first day of spring is on Thursday, March 20th (also Macaron Day!) Currently the entire population of NYC is like a rash of children the week before Christmas. We want spring! We just want it noooooow! Is it spring yet? Can’t we just have one warm day before, pretty please? We just want our presents- iced coffee! Sundresses! Ice cream cones! Outdoor seating! Picnics in Sheep Meadow!-NOW! WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THEM NOW? WE DOWANNA WAIT! IT’S NOT FAIR! WE HATE WINTER! 
Good grief! Stop our whining! Send us on a time out! Or give us a candy to shut us the fuck up….

That’s exactly what Warby Parker did today. They left us speechless, completely distracted by the release of gorgeous candy-colored sunglasses. The reasonably priced eyewear company, a life saver to those wanting to remain fashionable and within budget, debuted new frames today with their Spectrum Sun Collection. Chic, fashion forward, sure to make the sunniest day even brighter, and each just $95.

My favorite: Downing in Striped Sassafras
Would these look good on me? I have no idea! Love the color though. Minnie in Eucalyptus
Classic, very New York: Piper in Revolver Black
Adore this color, these are so fabulous, so spring! Hall in Cherry Blossom
These will never go out of style. Dean in English Oak

Kind of makes me wish I was still blogging semi-anonymously. Remember when I used to wear sunglasses in every picture to mask my identity? I’d buy all 9 pairs (hahaha as if a struggling actress has $1,000 to spend on sunglasses) and automatically be a fashion blogger. As it is, I’ll lust after Downing Striped Sassafras (not just because of the name) and wish I could pull off Hall Cherry Blossom.

“What,” you wonder, “You didn’t get any sunglasses for writing this post?” No I didn’t, because I am not a person in need. The really amazing thing about Warby Parker, that sets them above and beyond any other eyewear company I know, is this: for every pair of glasses they sell, the company donates a pair to individuals in need. How amazing is that? Fabulous new sunglasses mean someone out there will see better? Could it be more win-win?

Maybe if I get sunglasses that fabulous, I’d actually remember to wear them. Rose and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend (post on the coming tomorrow!) and were squinty-eyed all the way from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

2014-03-15 15.27.13
So squinty! If only these sunglasses had come out sooner!
2014-03-15 15.27.02
So bright, Rose can’t keep her eyes open! If she was wearing sunglasses, this wouldn’t be a problem!

What’s your favorite pair of these beauties? Do you love buying your first pair of sunglasses for spring/summer? Are you better than I am at remembering to wear them?
Check out http://warbyparker.com if you’re in the market for sunglasses or glasses. They will ship 5 pairs to you to try on and you can send back any you don’t like, super easy!

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