Cool Globes NYC: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet in Battery Park

I’m passionate about New York City, art, and recycling. Yeah, I know that last one is a little weird but if you’ve ever been to San Francisco, my hometown, you understand. On a walk on Manhattan’s southern tip last weekend, I stumbled upon the trifecta of these passions. There’s a public art exhibit in Battery Park against the backdrop of One World Trade Center.

Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet


Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, is a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change. So it’s quite a bit broader than recycling. It’s quite a bit broader than New York City too: the exhibit has toured throughout the world: from San Francisco to Jerusalem, Amsterdam to Cleveland  and a dozen other cities. Surprise, this exhibit is even quite a bit more than art. The idea is “public art with a purpose”. Each globe offers an interesting, eye pleasing work of art depicting a simple solution to climate change. A small thing we could each handle on a personal level.


In “Drawing a Line on Climate Change” artist Thom Cicchelli used actual articles of clothing on his design. Climate change solution: energy efficiant appliances and line-drying if at all possible.

I  hand wash my “dry clean only” clothes and I’m an environmental super hero NOT a cheap bastard!


This globe looks like it was yarn bombed and yes, artist Lindsay Obermeyer’s intent was to make it a sweater. Her piece “Warm Up NYC, Wear a Sweater” suggests the simple climate solution of turning down the thermostat and putting on a sweater.

If I made a cool globe is would be about turning down the AC in the summer (I’m always freezing): “Cool Down NYC, Take Off Your Pants!”


Next time you’re trying to pry an iPad away from a kid, tell them by unplugging their helping save the world! Yes, “Non-Electric Play” from Francis W. Parker School students and faculty reminds us how much fun we can have without a single electronic!

Eeek, kids need this reminder today! That’s depressing. But let’s be honest- I do too. I should unplug from this blog post…just five more minutes!


This red globe coated by artist Ellen Gradman with 100 lbs of junk mail and titled ‘Stop Unsolicited Mail’. It took 36 families and one week to gather that much unwanted mail. I’m not sure how many trees 100 lbs of paper is but it’s way too many for something no one even likes receiving!

Now I’m going to be even angrier when I get home and there’s another credit card solicitation. Stop being obsessed with me, Capitol One. Just take the hint! I’m not interested!


“First We Scream, Then We Act” by artist Nancy L. Steinmeyer wants you to get involved politically. Climate change is an issue and we need politicians who believe that fact and want to solve it.

VOTE. Just, for the love of God/Buddha/Allah/Zeus/Bill Nye/Chanel/whatever, PLEASE VOTE!


Kim C. Massey’s globe “Tree of Life” focuses on urban greening. Rooftop gardens, tree-lined streets, and green spaces can’t be under estimated in big cities. Volunteers make this sort of thing happen (like in Brooklyn Bridge Park).

Helllllo single people, this is the meet-cute to end all meet-cutes: “We met planting trees in a New York City park.”


There are 12 globes on display in Battery Park, a small part of the 125 globes that make up the full Cool Globes collection. Unfortunately these Cool Globes NYC are only around through this week, until November 20th. If you find yourself in the area (they’re at the end of the West Side Highway: 22 Battery Place), definitely take a look! Honestly I can’t think of anything better than learning through art. Well, feeling inspired and less helpless in the fight against climate change: that’s pretty great too.


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