Yesterday was Singles Day: There’s Still Time To Celebrate

11/11 A time for wishes, a day for weddings, a date pleasing to the eyes of the OCD. Veteran’s Day. That’s what Americans typically associate with yesterday’s date.

Half way across the world the date 11/11 is something else entirely. Millions of people in China celebrate 11/11 as Singles Day, or “Guanggun Jie” if you speak Chinese. Singles Day has been around since the 90’s (how am I only JUST learning this!?) and began as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. It’s become a huge phenomenon, a day for gathering unattached friends, exchanging gifts, and legit celebrating single status!

Guys! This sounds awesome. A celebration of being single and fabulous and I missed it!? I might have blogged about an awesome date but I am still absolutely single. WAH I don’t want to wait until next year to celebrate!

I guess I kinda celebrated yesterday with out even realizing it! Took thing solo photo in front of 55th Street’s Love Sculpture.

Fortunately the company that informed me about Singles Day also understands that I am late for absolutely everything. Goldstar is celebrating started celebrating Singles Day yesterday but they’re continuing the festivities through Friday. Yay, still plenty of time!

You’ve heard of Goldstar, right? Hopefully you’ve bought tickets from them because they consistently offer 50% or more for live entertainment- theatre, sports, concerts, comedy- all that jazz. If you live in New York, or any city where it’s a struggle to afford to have fun on top of your rent, they’re especially a great resource.

So Goldstar is trying to lead a trend in bringing Singles Day celebrations to America. Now through Friday they have special section on their website with curated events for singles… None of them are specifically “singles events”, don’t click that link expecting to find speed dating. Their list is more events that would be fun to go to with friends like Bar Car Nights at the New York Botanical Garden (I am SO checking that on out!) and Drunk Shakespeare (which I reviewed here on the blog- now you can go with half priced tickets!).

Goldstar Singles Day Give-away!

Okay, that’s not enough of a Singles Day celebration for you? ME NEITHER. Let’s celebrate singledom with a give-away! Yay!! Goldstar is going to give a $50 credit to one of you readers. You don’t have a be single, this is not exclusionary! $50 can get you 10 tickets to bring all your friends to the Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl on December 5th. Or one ticket to take yourself out to a see New York Islanders Hockey at Barclays. I mean… if you’re a single lady like me… this is probably a GREAT way to meet dudes! Probably would make a good blog post!

To enter this give-away just comment on this post with an event you would like to attend! Goldstar is in 30 cities, so you just need to be near one of them, not necessarily NYC! Winner will be announced Monday! Good luck and happy belated Singles Day!


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  1. I would love to attend a bar car night at the NY Botanical Garden! It’s been years since I’ve visited but it is sooooo beautiful!

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