Bergdorf Goodman “Crimson Peak” Inspired Windows

My roommate is obsessed with Crimson Peak. If you have no idea what that is, hey, I didn’t either until I started hearing about it at least once a day.

Crimson Peak! Soooooo beautiful! Crimson Peak! To die cinematography! Crimson Peak! OMG Gothic Romance! Crimson Peak! Guillermo del Toro! Crimson Peak! WANT TO SEE IT NOW. This has been a regular sound loop in my apartment since the arrival of fall.


Crimson Peak is a Gothic/Romance/Horror movie that opens in theaters today. I hate horror movies. This was my response to the numerous invites I received (all from one roommate) to see this film. “No. I hate horror!” My interest in this film was acute but simplistic: “Will my roommate talk about it MORE or LESS after she sees it?”

Then suddenly on a walk home from work, everything changed. I walked by Bergdorf Goodman, looked at their window displays, and my mind was blown.



Bergdorf Goodman is the highest of high-end department stores. They make Bloomingdales look like TJMaxx. Their window displays are highly regarded as awesome, not just at Christmas but year round. The current display is inspired by Crimson Peak. It is somehow perfect for Halloween, perfect for showcasing Valentino dresses (available of Floor 4) and Alexander McQueen handbags, perfect for making us want to take the fashion risk of wearing a cape, and perfect for enthralling jaded roommates who hate horror movies.

Bergdorf Goodman Crimson Peak Window Display



Gorgeous, right? I am definitely falling prey for this slick marketing move. Not only am I considering seeing this movie, I am also thankful to my roommate. I never would have appreciated this display as much with out you and your obsession with this movie!



It’s nice to see Halloween decorations before we get bombarded on November 1st by anti-fall decorations (that’s what I’m calling premature X-mas displays).



I simultaniously love and hate the lights of the city reflected in these pictures. Sorry you can’t get a good look at the amazing details in these displays. The peek at the shadows of the 5 Avenue surroundings may make up for it- what do you think?

bergdorf_crimson_peak_3You can literally buy all the clothes in these displays inside the store. Hard to believe, right?

bergdorf_crimson_peak_2 Skeletons and other creepy props are not for sale, however.

If you find yourself in midtown, go have a look for yourself, Bergdorf is at 57th and 5th. If you’re craving more beautiful, high fashion, eye porn, check out my posts about Bergdorf’s Christmas windows: 2013 2014. If you see Crimson Peak let us know how it was!!

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