Remember, Reflect, Love New York; Today, Every Day

I meet a person who has lived in New York over 14 years, I remember. 

I see a fire truck, I remember. 


I pass a souvenir shop with painfully outdated post cards, I remember. 

I see smoke, I remember. 

I hear the word “terrorism”, I remember.

I see this beautiful building cutting a fine line on the horizon, I remember. 






#NeverForget they say. We couldn’t even if we tried, say New Yorkers. We remember today, and tomorrow too, and every single day. 

September 11 is forever a part of the city, a part of our lives, a part of our home, a part of our love.



I remember every day; today I reflect. IMG_2033

Reflections from years past:

Reflect 9-11-2011

The experience of going up to the top of One World Trade on opening day:

My thoughts after working with fire fighters at the 9/11 Memorial 5K Run:





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