Reflect 9-11-2011

Ten years ago I was a sophomore in high school whose feelings revolved more around getting the day off school than the scope of horror happening across the country. Ten years later, I live in New York City. It only scratches the surface, but I can begin to fathom the magnitude of 9-11-2001.

The moment I step out my door today, and every day, I am surrounded by people who were there. Who lost someone, who saw the billowing clouds of destruction. Who couldn’t think even for a minute it was just a disaster movie they were seeing on the television screen. Whose lives were altered as much as the New York City skyline.

Days like today There is no other day like today (especially today, but it holds true everyday- something it’s easy to take for granted); it brings great perspective.

I ♥ NY.

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2 thoughts on “Reflect 9-11-2011

  1. Short n’ sweet (unlike my rant!) It’s weird how people just walk right by ground zero with the same nonchalance as passing a celebrity in the street. Plus all the banks have moved to Midtown around GCT, downtown really isn’t downtown anymore.

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