The Ultimate #FoodPorn Bonanza: The Fancy Food Show

Last week I got a golden ticket into New York’s biggest food convention. It has a great name: the Fancy Food Show. You know it’s fancy from the very first world!

This convention swarmed NYC’s Javits Center with well over a thousand booths featuring foods from all over the world.

NYC’s Javits Convention Center

Willy Wonka didn’t greet me when I walked into the towering glass ceiling. But I sure felt like Charlie Bucket as I walked down the isle filled with amazing cheeses, vats of every kind of olive, strange pickled fish, beautifully decorated cakes, simmering sauce, and unbelievable frozen appetizers.

You can’t get in this convention unless you have a verifiable connection to the food industry. It’s way more exclusive than Comic Con! (It smells much better too.)

fancy food spider man
But Spiderman was there, a Comic Con throwback! He’s the mascot of a certain brand of hot cocoa.

Everyone is there for a reason beyond STUFFING THEIR FACE! NOM NOM NOM! Everyone is very professional and making important business connections.  Business owners finding new products for their establishments, manufacturers finding new ingredients, chefs drawing new inspirations. These are priorities.

Food matters again? Food has always mattered! Especially CHEESE!

Now, I was quite a minority with my priority which was very much NOMMMM!!! MUST TRY ALL OF THE FOODS!!! I’m the kid who would’ve fallen in the chocolate river and been hauled off by Oompa Loompas, were Roald Dahl in the driver’s seat.

fancy food show cakes
Or the kid in “Matilda” who eats the gigantic cake.

It’s a New York cliché to have a dietary restriction in this town. Everyone has one these days! But let me tell you, my Fancy Food experience made me so glad I’ve resisted this cliché.

I’ve never been so happy to not be lactose intolerant.

fancy food cheese
I would go to a cheese wheel museum. These are double works of art for the eyes AND the mouth!

Never so happy I’m not a vegetarian. (One in four people in NYC are!)

Yes, that is the leg of a pig, and there are more hanging in the back ground. Id never seen anything like that before, you can just slice off prosciutto right off the bone. Whoa.

So thankful I’ll try pretty much anything. Especially if it’s pickled fish from Scandinavia.

Like octopus and fresh anchovies. That anchovy flavor is insanely potent, let me tell you.

Oh! And gluten? BRING IT ON! Especially if it’s straight from Italy!

fancy food pasta
Ive never seen so many different kinds of pasta.




This is a display of pâté, folks. Who’s ever seen this much pâté in one place!? Freaking LOAVES of pâté!

I ate all the food, I shmoosed with all the foodies. Tried to take photographs of food…which unfortunately is not so easy with an iPhone.

Did I mention I have a major sweet tooth?

Aren’t they lovely? If we just had 24-hour access to this case all our lady-problems would disappear!

Did I mention I left with a bag full of goodies? It was like trick-or-treating! On the last day exhibitors just started unloading their products on people so they wouldn’t have to cart them back on trans-atlantic and trans-continental flights.

fancy food show cakes

So I have all these goodies from all over the world, mostly snacks and sweets and thus non-perishables, and if they stay in my apartment, I’m never going to fit in my swim suit when I go on vacation later this month.

I’m kidding but I’m NOT kidding. YOU HAVE TO HELP ME. Help me by taking some off my hands!

Guess what that means? A give-away! A fancy food give-away! I’ve stuffed a flat-rate box full of these treats from all over the world and send it to one of you lovely readers! Leave a comment and share my blog on some sort of social media: that’s all you need to do to enter. Oh, that and be willing to give me your mailing address! Good luck! I’ll announce the winner on Monday 7/13!

FYI my birthday’s this weekend and if you get me a cheese wheel…I certainly won’t complain…

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  1. See, I debate going to food events this big. One the one hand, who the heck doesn’t LOVE great food??? But on the other hand…I would not be able to help myself and I would try to stuff my face with as much food as I could possibly handle. Which is probably not exactly the healthiest thing to do 🙂

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