My Crack at NY Comic Con Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re going to dress as? I don’t, but we have a good two weeks to figure it out! I had a lot of inspiration from the event I worked this weekend. Here in NYC, every year just before Halloween we have Christmas. Nerd Christmas. By that I of course mean New York Comic Con.

Attendees take Comic Con very seriously. In a go-big-or-go-home kind of way. Even though it’s not at all my scene, no one can deny the people-watching is unbeatable.

I discovered 4 kinds of Comic Con costumes.

1. The Ones Everyone Who Isn’t Living Under a Rock Recognizes


Even my mother, who takes pride in her extreme lack of pop-culture knowledge might know this is Wonder Woman.

Even before I watched Star Wars at the ripe old age of 24, I still knew where this guy was from.


Dear god, if you haven’t seen The Little Mermaid, step away from my blog and watch it NOW.

2. The Ones Many Non-Nerds Recognize (Especially If They Grew Up In the 90s)


Before I knew X-Men from the movies, X-Men cards were the present I got for every little boy’s birthday I was invited to in elementary school.

90sTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the one “boy show” I watched on Saturday mornings and secretly loved. I love this guy’s creative take on the classic Shredder.


I was never into Pokemon mostly because I never had any video game systems. See why my scene isn’t Comic Con? Still, I was totally aware of the huge fad that peaked when I was in middle school.


So I didn’t grow up with cable tv. Weird right? And another reason my scene ain’t Comic Com. When ever we visited my aunt who did have cable, I would binge watch Nickelodeon. Without her I’d have no reference for 90’s icons like Inspector Gadget. Thanks Aunty! Isn’t this guy’s costume awesome? He made that!

3. The “Nerd Obscure”: If You’re Not A Nerd You Have No Clue


I’m guessing they’re super heroes? From a comic book? I have no idea, but they were really good at posing.


Maybe I should recognize these guys. Do you? Are they from a tv show I would know if I’d had cable?


Okay, these are clearly anime characters. Japanese inspired. Do I get nerd-points for knowing that much?


I can’t even begin to guess where the character he is dressed as is from. But this guy painted his face green and it’s obviously a home-made costume with a ton of effort put in. At Comic Con everyone thinks this guy cool. Everywhere else? Well….you tell me.

4. The Ones They Wear Cause They Wanna Show Some Skin


Hahaha, kidding! How awesome is this guy? Lord of the Rings was a huge blockbuster, so most of us know exactly who he’s dressed as, right? Brilliant.

But no, seriously, some girls just wanna show off what they got.


If you got it, flaunt it, right?
I’m certainly not one to talk. I spent my Saturday night trying to take a page out of the Comic Con costume book. I dressed as “The BOOB”.


Say what? Okay, let me explain. The boys across the street had a theme party this weekend. The theme was Heroes and Villains and guests were encouraged to create their own. How the HELL did I decide to make up a super hero called “The BOOB”? Well, #1 It was ridiculous, #2 It finally gave me an opportunity to wear the best/ weirdest birthday present ever.

boobcloseSee, my good friend Nora knits hats. She’s great at it and has an awesome Etsy shop, Nora’s Knick Knacks that you should check out. One day I joked that the base of a hat she was making looked like a boob. Because I think I’m so funny, I carried on, “You should make boob hats! You could sell them at breast cancer walks and bachelor parties! They might be a huge hit!” Nora apparently never forgot this. Six months later when my birthday rolled around, she presented me with a knit Boob Hat and matching knit Boob Bra. She takes custom orders, she can make you one too!

Opportunities to wear this ensemble are few and far between. I don’t now if I’m ballsy (busty?) enough to wear my knit boobs on Halloween… But you can bet I’ll bust them out for any Breast Cancer Awareness walks/races that come to the New York area!

All Comic Con photos credit the awesome Andy Sklar.
BOOB photos credit the lovely Nora.

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  1. Commenting because a mutual friend tipped me off – the Ariel in the pic is me! Haha.
    Comic Con Costuming Pro Tip? Don’t go to Comic Con in a bra. It will get creepy. (You’d think people wouldn’t creep on a Disney character. YOU’D BE WRONG.)

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