Happy Earth Day from NYC!

I was on a date last week and we were walking down Madison Avenue when I let out a shriek. It was a shriek of glee. It had nothing to do with my date. In fact my shriek was followed by me bolting across the street, away from my date. I was running the red light, running towards flower pots. Flower pots that had been empty yesterday but when my eye landed on them from across the street, it was clear they were empty no more! I’d made out orange, yellow, and maybe pink from across the street. As my sprint came to a screeching halt in front of the concrete container there were all the colors in vivid detail. “Sorry!” I yelled to my date, “They planted tulips! I love tulips!”

Me with my love

The man looked at me like I was crazy. Like he didn’t think this was in any way cute, not in the least bit charming, just ridiculous. In a bad way, not a ridiculously fun! way.

“I love tulips more than I’ll ever love you.”

Okay, I didn’t actually say that. But I sort of thought it. If you can’t understand why spring flowers are worth shrieking about, it’s really never going to work out between us.

I gotta have standards, flower power standards.

My love for flowers knows no bounds, not red lights, not cross walks, nothing. And on this Earth Day it seems appropriate to celebrate the beautiful pieces of nature that make their way into this concrete jungle. Earth, you are awesome. This weekend I’m making a point to get out of the city to celebrate and appreciate you more. But know that I do my part every day to admire you, respect you, and yell at my roommates when they forget to recycle!

Happy Earth Day!



If you want to check out some amazing shows of earthly splendor right in NYC check out:

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden This weekend is their Sakura Matsuri festival, celebrating Japanese traditions and cherry blossoms (here’s the map to see when the trees are in full bloom).


The Conservatory Garden It is completely free to visit in Central Park and holds the distinction as a “quiet zone” in this bustling town. When the cherry blossoms bloom (now should be nearing peak time!) they create brilliant pink flower tunnels.


Coney Island at Sunrise Is so insanely pretty, it’s almost hard to believe. We’re talking a Grand Canyon level of earthly splendor and for the small price of waking up disgustingly early and sitting on the subway for an hour plus.

coney island sunrise

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