Camera Whores at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I can’t get enough spring. I’m seriously obsessed. After spending the morning in the glorious Conservatory Garden (see last post), I grabbed two of my best friends and spent the afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!

The cherry blossoms were at their peak. I’ve gone every spring the past 3 years and this was the first time the blossoms met me in full pink, cotton candy-esque magnificence. It was a Saturday and everyone was taking pictures with the flowers. They’re so pretty, who can resist? Me and my friends Charlotte and Beth were no different.

photo 2

But then we started to get carried away…

photo 3 (1)

Work the camera, ladies, give me more…

photo 1 (1)

I take that model bitch-face to an ice queen level!


You’re never gonna be prettier than those flowers so don’t even try!

brooklyn botanical garden

I’m gonna stick my finger up your nose and call it artistic! THIS IS MY VISION!


It looks like cotton candy! Let’s taste it!


Beth and Miranda fell in love amongst the lilacs. The heavenly smell just makes that sort of thing unavoidable.


Miranda had a surprise for Beth! OMG a proposal? NO WAY! Good thing I was there to capture the moment!


Yes, Miranda’s hand is totally on Beth’s chest. They’re classy like that. And so in love they can’t control themselves.


When we weren’t being huge dorks in front of the camera, we actually admired the scenery.




And frolicked. It’s spring, you owe yourself a good frolic!

IMG_1469 IMG_1470IMG_1475

Flowers and friendship, silliness and love – these are a few of my favorite things. Get to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden ASAP if you can!



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  1. Wow. I’ve never been to Brooklyn before… but when I think of Brooklyn I never think of lovely greenery like that. I definitely need to visit now.

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