The Time-Warp Haven on Governor’s Island

The hustle and bustle of Manhattan can be overwhelming. We run at a different pace than the rest of the civilized world. In a race against time, a New Yorker simply walking work would soundly beat most suburbanite joggers. Coffee orders are completed faster than it takes to patter venti-triple-two-percent-extra-foam-one-pump-pumpkin-latte-two-splendas-no-whip. The frantic whirl-wind of rush hour can be so break-neck it reduces you to tears; and don’t even get me started on New York City drivers. Everyone is busy. Should you make the mistake of hinting you aren’t, expect a level of disdain akin to sorority slut-shaming.


This time-warp shifts immediately when you set foot on the Governor’s Island Ferry. The world slows down. Around you people are smiling, the collective breathes easier. You’ve set sail to a new world. On the shores of this haven, it’s easier to find a lemonade than an espresso, and that speaks volumes. Just five minutes from the island of Manhattan, this island is devoted to recreation, art, and culture. You’ll be hard-pressed to find much else.


I love Governor’s Island for these reasons. I knew I had to make it out there before the season ends on September 29th. Goal accomplished yesterday! You never know quite what you’ll find on this island, but chances are it will delight you.

govsIsgreeneryThe trees are so green, the streets aren’t crowded, there are no cars! Instead people ride bicycles or bicycle buggies like this 6-seater here.

picnicingGentThis is an island of picnics. You know there’s little I love more than a picnic, I considered myself a near-expert. Until I went to Governor’s Island and found the top-tier of picnic-goers in the north east. This gentleman had a lovely spread, the perfect wicker basket, a picnic table cloth, a jaunty hat, a pipe, even a parasol! When asked for his photograph he said, “Of course,” and then offered me an olive. Put my picnicking prowess to SHAME. He was like a Picnic Art Instillation.

cityofdreamsSpeaking of art installations, this fascinated from afar. What was it? I had to get a closer look.


Here we have a true art instillation, the City of Dreams Pavilion. It is made of all recycled materials. Would you ever guess what exactly? Milk gallons on the outside and water bottles filled with blue water on the inside!

bottlebluesinsideQuite an execution on this size and scale. The use of materials was imaginative and masterful. The sunshine through the bottles really created a dreamy effect.flowerfeynmanFirst bottles, now flowers! There was certainly a trend for unconventional materials this Sunday. This portrait is of physicist Richard Feynman, constructed completely out of flowers. I’m not sure why a physicist was the subject, and I only know that much because a gentleman who helped assemble the flowers happened to pass by and pass on this information. It was created guerrilla style, which is so awesome. Smelled lovely to boot!

flowerrichfeynmanI’ll share the highlight of my trip with you tomorrow! It was almost better than the view!

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