Dating Younger Men Who Bemoan “Pushing 30”

I’ve never really hesitated about dating younger men. If you asked my friends, they’d probably tease, “Oh yeah, Mary Lane has a thing for younger guys.” 

Which is true if you subscribe to a myriad of dating clichés:

Women Prefer to Date Older Men!
Men Prefer to Date Younger Women!

Men Are Immature Compared to Women Their Age!

Women Who Date Younger Men Are Cougars! 

Yuck. I’ve found as much truth in those cliches as I’ve found inaccuracy. I call it a wash. Am I an expert? My friends, again, would tease, “Yes!” My sample pool is not exactly scientific, but I can claim to having dated just as many men who were younger than me as I have men who were older. 
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The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: Raw Cookie DO NYC

Have you ever bought one of those tubes of pre-made cookie dough and eaten the whole thing straight from the container? Ever attempted to make cookies from scratch, taken a bite or twenty from the bowl until -oops- only a couple cookies actually make it into the actual oven?

Basically, I’m asking if you are human.

If the answer is yes, rejoice! There is now a shop in NYC where you can get fresh cookie dough scooped straight into a cup. To be eaten in its natural, God-given form. Pure, unfucked with by fire.

Cookie DŌ NYC

cookie do nyc dreams

DŌ opened it’s DŌors at the end of January and there’ve been lines stretching down LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village ever since. This is the line on a sunny, cold February Friday at 3PM. I waited a little over half an hour to sample NYC’s newest dessert craze. Read More

How My Love of Recycling Took a Deadly Turn

People are fanatical about sports. They paint their faces in team colors, spend thousands of dollars on tickets and merch. They scream and cheer like their lives depend on that touch down.

I don’t understand sports #ReasonsWhyImSingle. But I do understand this level of fanatical, unstoppable passion!

I’m that way about recycling!

My name is Mary Lane and I’m a recycling fanatic.

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Sexy Times at the American Museum of Natural History with MUSEUM HACK

Over the weekend I visited the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) with an awesome tour company. In the museum tour world of buttoned up tweed and pleated slacks, Museum Hack is the rebel in a leather jacket and ripped jeans. With a bicep tattoo inked Museums Are Fucking Awesome.

museums are fing awesome museum hack

I didn’t make that up, it’s the actual Museum Hack motto.

This bad ass tour is not afraid to break all the rules.

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Gooey, Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven Visiting Levain Bakery NYC

Ask me where the best burger or pizza slice in NYC is and I have trouble answering the question. I’m overwhelmed! Too many options! There are so many incredible places! New ones pop up every month! Can I name my top 5? Even that’s hard! Gah, this is almost as impossible as being asked to name my favorite book!

Now, ask me where the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC is and I’ll reply nonchalantly,

“Levain Bakery. Best chocolate chip cookie in New York City. GO! Post haste!”

best cookie nyc levain bakery

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Love Wall Street Art in No More in NoLita

With hate seemingly overwhelming the country right now #politics2017, I took a walk through the NoLita neighborhood in lower Manhattan, searching for a little love.

A Love Wall, specifically.

love wall nyc

I stumbled across JGoldcrown’s #lovewall on Mott Street over the summer. Any rainbow explosion breaking up the brick and concrete of this city makes me smile, of course I loved it. Simplicity and old school charm. The Love Wall  looks like a page from your childhood diary brought to life. The day your mom bought you a 24 pack of Gellyrolls and you tested every single color with a heart. Read More