The Rainbow Sprinkles/Sparkles Effect

There are two types of people in this world.

People who love rainbow sprinkles. Who think 50 cents extra is a small price to pay think for the earthly form of happy unicorn tears. Yes, we think sprinkles are unicorn tears, don’t burst our bubble! Rainbow sprinkles instantly make us smile.

Then there are those who think rainbow sprinkles are stupid, an utter waste of money, and they don’t even taste good!

It should come as no surprise, I’m a rainbow sprinkles fan. I once jumped in a pool of rainbow sprinkles, remember?

rainbow sprinkles

Let’s be honest, I’m still that kid whose temper tantrum, explosion of tears, could be dissipated by the arrival of ice cream. Like a rainbow poking throw the clouds on a stormy day, tiny pieces of multi-colored, crappy sugar brighten my day. Read More

Wall Street’s New Statue is Not Just a Photo Op, She’s Girl Power Rendered in Bronze

Public art appears fairly frequently on the streets of New York. Iconic, politically charged public art that has everyone talking about it immediately? Not so much.

In the wee hours of International Women’s Day Eve, a little girl appeared in NYC’s Financial District.
A camera man films a statue of a girl facing the Wall St. Bull, as part of a campaign by U.S. fund manager State Street to push companies to put women on their boards, in the financial district in New York, U.S., March 7, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
March 7, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

That is very much not my picture. It’s Brendan McDermid’s (nice one Brendan). I can only imagine this photo was taken at 6:30AM, that brief time after sunrise and before the work rush. The fact that there are not mobs of tourists in this photo blows my mind. There are always swarms of tourists waiting to get their picture with the New York iconic Charging Bull.

wall street bull

He captures everything about the ruthless nature of Wall Street, from the bull shit to the requisite big balls. Oh yeah, people line up to be photographed fondling his balls- it’s every cliché finance bro’s dream! Read More

Curtain Up: An Exhibit at the NYPL to Remind Theatre Nerds of Everything We Love

I’m that New York cliché who fell in love with theatre as a little kid. Who vividly remembers the magic of sitting in the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, watching a play for the very first time at age eight. It was love at first scene.

You know the dork who said her favorite cd was Les Miserables when the cool answer in sixth grade was Spice World? Yep, That was me! 

I listened to RENT so many times, I bet you $525,600 I still know every single word.

Were you also that kid?

curtain up playbill nypl

Are you that adult who has a giant box of hundreds of Playbills in your tiny apartment that you can’t dream of throwing away?

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28 Days of Flavors at City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival

City Bakery knows all about making my least favorite month of the year super sweet. For 25 years they’ve thrown a Hot Chocolate Festival all 28 days of February, every single day featuring a different flavor of their famous hot cocoa. It’s quite the celebration with brown and white balloons, even props and costumes on certain festive days!

city bakery hot chocolate festival february

I went to the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival on “Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate” day.

Of course I did, I have a long history with pirates- did you know I played one at a Renaissance Faire for many summers? Worth reading the blogs about!

city bakery hot chocolate festival Read More

Dating Younger Men Who Bemoan “Pushing 30”

I’ve never really hesitated about dating younger men. If you asked my friends, they’d probably tease, “Oh yeah, Mary Lane has a thing for younger guys.” 

Which is true, if you subscribe to a myriad of dating clichés:

Women Prefer to Date Older Men!
Men Prefer to Date Younger Women!

Men Are Immature Compared to Women Their Age!

Women Who Date Younger Men Are Cougars! 

Yuck. I’ve found as much truth in those cliches as I’ve found inaccuracy. I call it a wash. Am I an expert? My friends, again, would tease, “Yes!” My sample pool is not exactly scientific, but I can claim to having dated just as many men who were younger than me as I have men who were older. 
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The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: Raw Cookie DO NYC

Have you ever bought one of those tubes of pre-made cookie dough and eaten the whole thing straight from the container? Ever attempted to make cookies from scratch, taken a bite or twenty from the bowl until -oops- only a couple cookies actually make it into the actual oven?

Basically, I’m asking if you are human.

If the answer is yes, rejoice! There is now a shop in NYC where you can get fresh cookie dough scooped straight into a cup. To be eaten in its natural, God-given form. Pure, unfucked with by fire.

Cookie DŌ NYC

cookie do nyc dreams

DŌ opened it’s DŌors at the end of January and there’ve been lines stretching down LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village ever since. This is the line on a sunny, cold February Friday at 3PM. I waited a little over half an hour to sample NYC’s newest dessert craze. Read More