An Online Dating Photo Shoot, Really? Yes, Really Great, with Hey Saturday

After months and months of dates that all rated somewhere on the scale of MEH to FINE, I couldn’t help but wonder. It’s me isn’t it? What am I doing wrong?! 

I don’t want the wrong thing to be that dating is a numbers game. I don’t want it to be fucking timing. I want it to be something I can control, damn it! I want there to be something wrong with me!


Okay, okay, that’s going a little far. You know what would be great? If it was just something wrong with my online dating profile! Can it just be that? That’s super easy to fix, no soul searching or therapy required! Like that time my profile said I was expensive instead of expressive. Read More

Falling Off the Blogging Wagon and Into a Midlife Blog Crisis

I’m sorry I haven’t written in while! I’ve just generally been a bad blogger this past month+ and it’s lame, I know. Ugh real life is sooooo busy, guys!

Is there a more cliché way to begin a blog post? I don’t think so!

Is there a worse feeling than letting down your readers and yourself by falling off the blogging wagon? Well, I guess I haven’t completely fallen off. I’m still clutching on to a rope at the back of said Blogging Wagon, being bumped and scraped along the World Wide Web as it continues to go on, almost without me. It’s hard to pull yourself back up, ya know? Especially when you haven’t been to the gym in oh, years, and your arms resemble those of Betty Spaghetti. Especially when you’re working a full time job and performing in a play and have friends you never see and maybe, just maybe, have actually met someone (really and truly) special…

If I write any more, y’all are going to start calling me Mary COMPLAIN instead of Mary Lane!

Next week is my nine year blogoversary – can you believe it? NINE YEARS of blogging!?
A walk down memory/Mary lane… This was the first header the blog ever had. I stole it from Google and didn’t even credit the photographer! Such an amateur move!

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A NYC Sightseeing Free Ride on the Staten Island Ferry

If you’re visiting New York City, you may have heard the Staten Island Ferry is a great, money-saving activity. It costs absolutely nothing to ride and you get gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. When you look at the $50+ tickets of most NYC harbor cruises, it seems like a no brainer. You don’t even need a ticket! You just walk on!


Experience one of the very few legitimately free things NYC has to offer! Take the Staten Island Ferry!

Staten Island Ferry NYC view Read More

“The Theater of the Disappearance” Installation Appears Brilliant on the Met Rooftop This Summer

There are some people who would accuse the Metropolitan Museum of Art of being boring and elitist, the epitome of hoity-toity. A relic of a bygone era, frequented only by snobs and tourists wearing I HEART NY shirts. We all know the museum cliché! So does the Met.

Which is why they have the Met Gala, the New York fashion event of the season, which happened Monday night so everyone and entire Twitter feed is talking about this week.

met rooftop nyc

Not me! I’m above the Met Gala. Like, 5 floors of galleries above the Met Gala. Like, so far above that red carpet, I’m talking about the Met Roof Top!

Did you know the Met Museum has a lovely rooftop garden? That’s open to the public April 14th to October 29th? That not only has fantastic views of Central Park and a full bar, but also features a site-specific art installation? Read More

COWABUNGA It’s Epic New York Pizza with A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour!

Sitting on a luxury tour bus with cushy seats, driving around some of the most beautiful city sights, occasionally disembarking to take in some sunshine and stuff my face with pizza… Is this the stuff of a “What do you think heaven is like?” fantasy? Yes. It is also the true-life reality of A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour.

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour is all about getting up close and personal with the hottest New York clichés: Brooklyn and pizza.

a slice of brooklyn pizza tour grimaldis pie

Are you drooling yet?

Fuhgettaboud the jaded, hipster stereotype, A Slice of Brooklyn is happy to hold your hand if you might otherwise be afraid to explore Brooklyn. Read More

Fashion and Bonnets and Spring, OH MY at the NYC Easter Parade 2017

Every Easter morning I wake with the same anticipation I had as a child who very much believed in the Easter bunny. My youthful excitement for colorfully decorated eggs has been replaced by excitement for fantastically decorated hats.

easter bonnet parade 2017 fab

That’s right, readers, yesterday was one of the NYC events I look forward to all year:

The 5th Avenue NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival!

easter bonnet parade 2017 guys Read More