NY Cliché of the Day: The Beautiful and Brilliant Jefferson Market Library

Public indoor spaces are a hot commodity during the winter months in New York City. Sometimes you just need the change of space from your apartment or office. Where do you go if you don’t want to spend money on coffee refills and feeling jittery all afternoon? There’s a New York public library on 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village that has more ambiance than any coffee shop.

 Jefferson Market Library


It’s a beautiful red brick building with a clock tower! Before it was donated to the NYPL it was a courthouse! Inside you’ll find stained glass windows and long tables with a surprising amount of space (and outlets!) to spread out and get work done. And of course shelves and shelves of books!

You take a spiral staircase to get to the main adult reading room. Beautiful stained glass meets you at the top.

Here’s the main area – so much open space! Such great lighting! High ceilings and more stained glass! And you can stay as long as you want 10AM-8PM Tuesday-Thursday! Find full hours here. The one caveat is there is no public restroom.

Jefferson Market Library is such a nicer space than your local Starbucks!

The people there are generally nicer too! Locals may hate me for blogging about this…we definitely don’t want it to become mobbed with every New Yorker who normally works from home… It’s usually pretty easy to find a free chair during the day and only kinda crowded on weeknights. Is it a well kept secret or just that everyone goes to WeWork these days??

I’ve written plenty of blog posts here and countless cover letters. Everything feels better when your basking under the light of stained glass!

If you want more on the history of the building or events that the the branch offers, check out the NYPL website. If you live in NYC and don’t have a library card…do it! Get one! The libraries here are such a great resource and a space for all!

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  1. We love the Jefferson Market Library! The garden is a great place to hang out in nice weather too. Have you gone up the tower? We (read: Justin) went up doing Open House New York and it was pretty incredible 🙂

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