Weekly New York Minutes #4

Every Friday I feature some fleeting moments from my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!” Here we go for the first full week of February (oh February…)

It’s one of those winter weeks where I just wanted to wine about the weather! Cold AND snowy AND rainy AND gray – why, winter, why? The sky matches the concrete.

But the sun came out for one day!

So much easier to deal with the cold when it’s sunny out! Honestly, I spent a lot more of this week than usual bundled up in doors! Definitely falling prey to the hibernation trend…

Summary of my week: either bundled up under covers…or stalking flowers in shop windows! With Valentine’s Day coming up, businesses are getting ready and I’m loving it!

A topiary heart in a front yard in Brooklyn! It’s so unabashedly tacky, I love it. New York doesn’t get too into decorating for Valentine’s Day, so the little there is makes me smile.

Going to Mortified Live in Brooklyn. This show is always so fun, it features adults reading from their childhood diaries. The podcast is great and they’ve just turned the show into a Netflix series, premiering Valentine’s Day! Pictured above is Kevin James Doyle reading from the diary he kept when he went to theatre camp as a teen. So funny and so relatable to theatre nerds! He has a one man show next week “The 30 Year Old Virgin” which sounds worth checking out!

Looking up and seeing this “Falling Man” art piece outside The Cell theater on 23rd Street.

What were memorable minutes of your week?

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