NY Cliché of the Day: Old New York Charm at Grand Central Oyster Bar

There’s an oyster bar on the mezzanine level of Grand Central Terminal that will make you feel like an extra on Mad Men.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Grand Central Oyster Bar has been around since 1913 and it certainly keeps plenty of it’s old school charm.

Can’t you just imagine Don Drapper hanging out under the glowing arches and nautical lights? Shmoozing some dame or just avoiding going back home to Betty and the kids?

Look up and all the light fixtures have silhouettes of boats sailing around them. Kitschy, preppy charm. Reminds me of summers where I visited my uncle and aunt’s swimming club in Southampton. If you’re missing summer, this place will ease the pain…or maybe aggravate your yearning! Hard to say!

The oysters are fresh, typically priced ($2-4 each), and there’s a sizable selection of where they come from. The drinks are also typically priced for Manhattan, about $7 for a decent draft and $10-12 glasses of wine.

If you order a lobster, they’ll bring it live out in a metal pan for you to assess and to personally approve it’s death sentence! I know this because the guy sitting next to me and my boyfriend ordered lobster. My poor vegetarian fella was rather aghast!


Grand Central Oyster Bar is huge with table seating, counters, and even a saloon in the back. If you’re waiting for a train, it’s a classy place to kill time.

We weren’t waiting for trains. See, if you’re a Brooklynite like me who’s dating a guy who lives in Queens, this is a perfect mid-way meet up to add some old New York charm to your New York long distance relationship!

Do you even like raw oysters? They’re kinda a polarizing food, right? I’m a fan, with a little garlic and lemon on top!

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