Street Art Saturday: Paint NYC Pedestrians Step on Every Day

In 2018, we’re all looking down constantly at our phones. Street artists have capitalized on this habitual posture. One minute you’re looking down to see if a dude’s texted back, when out of the corner of your eye you see a flash of color. Your eyes are dragged away from the addictive light of the screen, back to reality. You’re literally stepping in art.

The streets of New York are paved with paint.

And existential conundrums! I walked over this one on a lunch break and it haunted me the rest of the day…

Bottom of a telephone pole = canvas

And if you don’t live on a tree lined street, just paint it so.

Look down at the street art of the sidewalks and you’ll also see how much discarded gum has effected the city scape.


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