New York Cliché of the Day: Ramen on a Winter Day

Is there anything better than a giant bowl of soup on a cold, winter day? I don’t think so.

New York’s ramen shops might be the best thing about January. Agree or disagree?

Behold: a heaping bowl of salty broth, tender pork, and just enough veggies so you can pretend it’s healthy! That’s just the cherry on top of the carbo-load of comfort noodles!

When the January blues gets under my skin, I lap up this brothy goodness like there’s no bikini season tomorrow! 

On an especially rainy, ugly night, I caught up with girlfriends under the lantern lights and anime masks of Hide-Chan Ramen on 53rd and 8th.

Can anyone name all the characters on this wall?

Hide-Chan Ramen is a casual place and lacks the crowds of NYC most buzzed about ramen shops. It was the perfect place to warm up on a Friday night. The staff was so nice, I don’t think I’ve ever felt less rushed at a restaurant in New York! We took our time chatting and slurping every single noodle.

Hide-Chan is also close to Times Square so it’s also a perfect, affordable place to grab a bite before a seeing a show!

Don’t we look warm and satiated? I definitely recommend this place!

Have you only had ramen out of a 50 cent packet? Where’s your favorite noodle shop? Got anything that beats a giant bowl of soup on a cold day? I’m all ears (except for slurping)!

If you’re looking for more NYC ramen and demand THE ABSOLUTE BEST, click for a list from Thrillist (you’ll see Hide-Chan’s east side location on there).

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  1. You’ve got to check out Mu Ramen in Long Island City! It’s phenomenal. Well worth the commute to Queens and only a couple minutes’ walk from the 7, E, M, G…

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