[Replay Cliché] Swim With The Fishes Of The Battery’s SeaGlass Carousel

 Originally posted Feb 2016, still an absolutely favorite for escaping the winter blues.

It’s that time of year when New Yorkers dream of running away to a tropical land. So long snow and gray skies, I’d like to scuba dive and swim with dolphins, please!

If a winter vacation is not on the horizon, run down to the tip of Manhattan at Battery Place “The Battery” and take a ride on the SeaGlass Carousel.

seaglass carousel fish

For five minutes of fantasy magic, I felt like I was snorkeling off the coast of Tahiti. Or at least starring in a critically acclaimed production of “Julie Taymor’s Finding Nemo”.

Battle the Winter Blues on NYC’s SeaGlass Carousel

Brand new to the Battery, the ride opened this past August. I’ve wanted to go since I saw the first pictures of giant, glowing fish seats. I ride the Roosevelt Island Tram with the enthusiasm of a kid at Disneyland, of course I needed to experience this!

seaglass carousel battery nyc

The outside is like a shell, inside like an aquarium of 30 iridescent fish. Designed by the George Tsypin Opera Factory, this carousel is a work of art all are welcome to get right in the middle of. You’ll feel completely immersed. As in underwater.


I sat in this fiberglass circle and was transported. To a time where I lived for make-believe. Look, mom! I’m a fish! Or an explorer peering through the porthole of a submarine!


I don’t think I stopped giggling once the entire ride. I was like a kid, delighting in every sight and sound.

This is so cool! Let’s pretend I’m Jacques Cousteau in a world where ocean explores wear floppy hats and blue suede shoes!


The ocean currents sent my Betta Fish spinning, bouncing up and down as if buffeted by waves. Changing lights glowed as it’s easy imagine sun beams do below the surface.

seaglass carousel nyc battery

Simply put: it’s everything you want in a carousel. It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s charming. Art and an homage to the New York Aquarium that occupied the site from 1896 to 1941. Makes for a fantastic, unique NYC date idea . A romantic walk down the Battery Park esplanade to watch the sun set over the Statue of Liberty followed then take a dip under the sea.

The SeaGlass Carousel glows even prettier after dark.


seaglass carousel

seagrass carousel night

For January and February the SeaGlass Carousel has limited winter hours: 10-6pm on weekends only. It was open everyday 10am-10pm for the holidays and I have no doubt the hours will pick up as tourist season approaches. For now, go on a weekend when the sun sets around 5. There’ll be no line to get in, you’ll have your choice of any fish, and for 5 minutes sit back and dream of Hawaii breezes, warm weather currents, and the last time you combed a beach for seaglass.

sea glass carousel ny

For directions, more history, and updates on hours when available visit: http://www.seaglasscarousel.nyc/plan-your-visit/ For a video of me giggling and waving from my fish, check out this Instagram my friend shot.

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