Street Art Saturday: Abandoned Building/Blank Canvas on Canal Street

Real estate in Manhattan is so valuable, it’s pretty rare to see an abandoned building. When you stumble across one, you have to wonder what the hell is going on. Why is the owner wasting thousands of dollars in rent!?

To give street artists a blank canvas?

I know one thing about this seemingly abandoned building on Canal and Mercer: it’s become a Soho gallery for rogue street art and graffiti.

These are not commissioned murals, this is art slapped on art in a chaotic, creative, free-for-all.

I’m into it.

 The red and white of the fire escape alone makes you want to stare at this building, and those double decker doors on the first floor? Hey landlord, get it together and I’ll be happy to live here so the place doesn’t just collect dust…

…and art.

This is a tiny piece affixed to the side of the door frame. I wonder how many artists have their work on this building… I imagine the number grows every week. Who doesn’t want work on display in NYC, right? It seems like any one can have a go when the building owner doesn’t give a shit.

I walked by this building two days in a row and this sign sprung up over night. I laughed out loud when I saw it:

Call that number. It’s hilarious and wonderfully hard to tell whether this is a joke or legit!

It has to be a joke, right?


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