Weekly New York Minutes – #2

Some of the fleeting moments in my week that made me stop and think, “I’m so lucky to live in NYC!”

Trees in the West Village embracing fully embracing “Sweater Season”.
Only in New York: an entire store front dedicated to PET PORTRAITURE. What could this possibly be a front for? My guess is assisted suicide (too dark?) – what do you think?

Last week I was remarking on how many Christmas trees were still on the sidewalks. This week I found something even more noteworthy in January!

A freaky warm snap on a stormy day that had me wandering the wintery High Line in the sprinkling rain.

Secret garden walls on Hudson Street that know EXACTLY where I’m at.

And UES pizza shops that get it too.

I needed these moments of NYC magic…it’s been kinda a rough week emotionally. Blah January.

What were memorable minutes of your week?

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