New York Cliché of the Day: A Little NYC Give-Away

You know the cliché, one person’s trash is another person’s blog give-away?

When a woman at work said she  was getting rid of a bunch of notebooks and did anyone want them? I took one look and squealed, “Yes! Yes! ME! ME! ME!”

It was like someone had made them just for my blog. Perfect little New York Cliché notebooks, just ready to be filled with city observations, musings, and to-do lists. So on brand.

The woman giving them away has no idea this blog exists. So I’m calling this some lovely synchronicity at work.

Hey universe, can this be a sign for a 2018 of writing more and synchronicity? Pretty please?

Want one?

I’d like nothing more than to share them with you loyal readers. A little gesture of thanks, a tiny piece of NYC love I can send through the mail. No jumping through give-away hoops for this one, I’ll send one NYC notebook to the first 6 people who leave a comment (including over seas).

I’d love to hear what you write in little notebooks like these. I think they’re so convenient, small enough to always have one in your purse or even coat pocket! 2 are lined, 2 are graph paper, 2 are blank pages: if you have a preference you can comment with that too!

If no one wants them…I will be slightly sad. So please don’t be shy!

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11 thoughts on “New York Cliché of the Day: A Little NYC Give-Away

  1. Love the little notebooks! Also love NYC from CT and would frequently take the train in to NYC Love to shop , walk through central park and hit all the fine eateries until I moved here in SW Fla. the 5th Ave here is no comparison. Thanks for a chance to win! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N Salty Air

  2. Damn, I’m not in time! But notebooks are such a lovely thing-and I think that everyone should have one with them at all times. Be it to record a conversation, thoughts, etc, they are so useful.

  3. I’m too late, but those are adorable. I was just looking at some similar ones on amazon, for my daughter to take with her to Europe next month.

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