Street Art Saturday: A Mural for the #MeToo Movement?

Take a different walk from the subway to work in New York City and you might just stumble across some street art. That’s how I stumbled across this mural that appears so timely, you’d think it was painted at the end of 2017.

The title of this art is “For Those Who Speak and Those Who Have Yet To Speak”. It was actually painted in 2012, inspired by women’s rights movements across the globe.

The #MeToo Movement has given this work a metaphorical fresh coat of paint, if you will.

…I also can’t help but wonder if the design was inspired by The Magic School Bus book where Ms. Frizzle takes a trip through the water cycle. Remember that one? Just me?

Would you eve guess this was the back of a gas station in Brooklyn? Breathing life into a dingy corner of Flatbush Avenue, this street art will make you want to look up some amazing female leaders I’d never heard of before.

Vandana Shiva and “King Peggy” have stories that are perfect reading for this frigid first weekend of 2018…

If you want more inspiration after reading those, check Anuradha Koirala.

This wall is different than my typical street art finds. The work was clearly meticulously researched, a colaboration of multiple organizations including Groundswell’s Voices Her’d Visionaries and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. You can learn more about it HERE.

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