California Christmas Break in San Francisco

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend! Whether you were celebrating with family, jet setting to an exciting locale, kicking back and enjoying time off work, or enjoying some sweet, sweet overtime pay!

I spent the long weekend in my hometown, San Francisco, enjoying highs in the 60s and some California sunshine.  There were signs of both fall and spring everywhere, with colorful leaves and flowers alike. As much as traveling during the holidays is rough, I relish the excuse to escape NYC winter! And of course, there’s nothing better than being home for the holidays.

My San Francisco Christmas

I’ve lived in NYC long enough now that I forget how much palm trees dominate the city vegetation. Such a California cliché!

Same goes for the fruit trees that just grow casually in people’s front yards.

A grapefruit tree grows in Berkeley. This is a fairly common sight in the SF Bay Area!

As are…

Iconic San Francisco Cable Cars

Now they are exclusively a tourist attraction, but when I was in high school, my monthly metro pass would let me on. I’d sometimes take the cable car up the hill home from school.

Every one is singing “Let it snow..” but in SF you will find beautiful fall leaves on one block…

And stop and smell the roses on the next!

When ever you walk up a hill, of which there are many, you’ll likely find a breathtaking view!

This is the street I grew up on: Broadway. A little different from New York’s Broadway, no?

This is the view from my parent’s apartment building. I know, I know, how did I ever leave this?!

What can I say, New York makes a gal do crazy things.

But I always leave a piece of my heart in San Francisco, just like Tony Bennett croons it so.

How was you holiday weekend? Have you ever been to San Francisco? Feel free to share stories in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “California Christmas Break in San Francisco

  1. Beautiful photos! I would love to live in San Francisco for a little while, but being close to it is pretty nice too. 🙂 Love the Bay Area in general…just a great place to be! Looks like you had a lovely weekend home 🙂

  2. I visited San Francisco in late June and it was coooold. Well, cold for a girl from Brooklyn who is used to humidity and street heat. I loved it though and would definitely plan a trip in the winter when it’s practically a tropical vacation compared to our 20 degree temps!

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