Deck the Transportation Hubs with Futuristic Holly: The Oculus at Christmas

I’m writing this from JFK Airport, about to leave NYC to go home to San Francisco for a long Christmas weekend! There’s nothing more stressful than the line for airport security during the holidays, especially when you forget to empty your water bottle AND get your period in the middle of the line (TMI/too true!). Add to all that the fact I stopped to take in one more piece of NYC Christmas, instead of diligently leaving straight from work #TypicalMaryLane!

The New New York Oculus at Christmas

The Oculus is the fancy, futuristic AF transportation hub in the shadow of One World Trade.

I remember watching as they erected to outside frame, thinking it looks like the skeletal ribs of Godzilla or some other monster who’s tried to destroy NYC.

It’s bright with a minimalist beauty that looks like it could be the set for the next Star Wars, no?

The Oculus halls are decked in it’s signature style. Those little white huts surrounding the tree are a holiday market similar to outdoor markets in the city (but much warmer).

I love that New York Christmas magic spreads even to our train stations, don’t you?

You can catch the A train here at Fulton Street to get to JFK Airport. So it really was the perfect stop for some last minute NYC Christmas cheer.

Special thanks to my blogger buddy Demetrius for telling me to check this place out!

I’ll be taking a little break from daily blogging while san Francisco with my family. If you are traveling like me, be safe and try not to stress out too much! See you after Christmas, NYC!
Hope you all get some family time, joy, and cheer this weekend. Starting with a Happy Winter Solstice today!


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9 thoughts on “Deck the Transportation Hubs with Futuristic Holly: The Oculus at Christmas

  1. I’m still as envious as ever that you get to live in my dream city, NYC, but at least I can live vicariously through you by reading your blog and seeing the nice pictures of the city. 🙂

    BTW, I put down a non-functional e-mail address because every time I put down my Gmail address it links directly to my account, which makes me freak out and wonder if other people who click on my screenname will be able to access my e-mail.

    1. I’m sorry that you freak out every time you comment! I don’t know how to fix that glitch…but I promise people CAN NOT access your email that way! I’m testing this out by typing in my gmail above!

      Thanks so much for sticking vicariously with my NYC adventures! And leaving a fake email is TOOOTALLY fine! You can even leave the email blank – at least I know how to not require that!
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    1. Totally like the belly of a whale! The rib comparison sees so obvious…makes me start to wonder if that was part of the vision?? Definitely a combo of bizarre and cool!

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