New York Cliché of the Day: Dollar Slice Pizza (Even Santa’s Into It!)

New York Dollar Slice Pizza is a modern anomaly and an institution. A subway ride costs $2.75, you can’t find an apartment for less than 1K, and even the candy at news stands has been hiked up to $1.25. But you can still get a slice of NYC’s signature cuisine for a buck. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you’ve NEVER had dollar slice pizza and call yourself a New Yorker…is it fair to assume you have celiac disease?

Whether it’s your caving to drunken 4 AM craving or the main source of sustenance when your flat broke, most New Yorkers have some dollar slices in their past. An easy comparison to that greasy guy you know you shouldn’t sleep with…again. But it’s cold and….you just want something hot in your mouth. You’re drunk, he’s right around the corner, and his neon sign/text message just keeps flashing “99 cents”. You’ll regret it in the morning, but in the moment it all seems worth it.

When you just need a cheap fast meal, chances are a dollar slice is somewhere in the vacinity. These bargain slices spoil us. If I’m paying more than a buck for pizza, it better be fucking good.

They say a shitty slice of pizza in NYC is still better than pizza any where else.

This Christmas consider, instead of cookies, leaving out a dollar slice for Santa. Word on the street (along with my creepy photography) is, he likes them.




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