New York Cliché of the Day: Even Bodegas Are Celebrating Christmas

New Yorkers love our bodegas. These corner markets are so intrinsic to NYC life, we’ll defend them like a member of our family. Bodegas are THERE for us. They wake us up in the morning (with the best bacon, egg, and cheese), help us in times of crisis (TOILET PAPER), and even tuck us in at night (with a pack of cigarettes at 3AM on a drunken Saturday). We trust them with our secrets (emergency condoms and/or cat food).

Bodegas are THERE for us: Holiday Edition!

Yep, you’ll see plenty of bodegas providing New Yorkers with holiday cheer. It makes sense. Bodegas welcome us when we don’t have the time to go somewhere else. And if there’s one thing (privileged) people lack durning the holiday season, it’s TIME.

Now you can just pop down to the corner, get your tree, a wreath for your door, a poinsettia AND a 6-pack to bring to all those holiday parties. It’s the best present you could give any stressed out OMG-I’M-SO-BUSYNew Yorker.

New York bodegas, saving us time during the most wonderful time of the year.

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