Relationship Cliché: Meeting the Parents

I took the LIRR to the thick of suburbia yesterday and celebrated Thanksgiving with my fella’s family. 

Look at all those smiling faces! Think they liked me??

It’s nerve-wracking to Meet the Parents! Even when everyone is super nice and welcoming!

I made a pumpkin pecan pie, almost from scratch (thanks Whole Foods for the crust), that I burnt slightly… Which basically sums me up as a person. That pie was me showing my authentic self, in all my 10 minutes over-done but sweet as pie glory. I’ll never be a perfect, elegant Maison Kayser pumpkin tart with champagne cubes. It’s tempting to try to present myself that way when meeting people I want to impress. I’m an actor, I could easily play the part.

It’s a lot more vulnerable to just be myself. But that’s what I did! I’m burnt-edges, habitually 10 minutes late, sweet with a bite of cinnamon.  And everyone at the Thanksgiving table ate it up.

Hope you had a lovely holiday! What kind of pie did you eat? Do you have any Meet the Parents stories? Should I watch the movie (shocker: I’ve never seen it!)?

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  1. Glad it went well; of course it did! What’s not to love? My boo stopped by the house for an hour but this wasn’t the first time he’d met the fam. He left and I ate my weight in Thanksgiving sides 🙂 Hope it was great!
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