New York Cliché of the Day: Dogs and the City

Sometimes I look at a well groomed pup walking the streets of Brooklyn and instead of thinking “How cute! I want one!” I think “You’re quality of life is better than the majority of the world’s human population. That’s fucked up.”

If it’s a dog eat dog world as the cliché goes, New York City dogs are sitting pretty. Cream of the crop at the top of the heap.

If you’re taking a walk in NYC in the middle of the day (always my favorite thing to do to clear my head and in the winter, to enjoy precious moments of daylight), you’re likely to see dog walkers, sometimes handling a huge gaggle of dogs.

One of the most obvious signs of neighborhood gentrification is when a dog salon comes in.

Heck, with walking and grooming, “pet hotels” and organic premium food, I know the 1% of dogs in NYC have more spent on them in a year than I spend on rent! That’s so weird, isn’t it?! I know it’s also weird that this is something I actually think about…

Maybe I’m just jealous and wish I could afford to have a dog in New York City.

Maybe I just hope that all dog owners who shower their pets with love and affection, fabulous haircuts, designer clothes, and everything a pup could ever possibly want or need (totally their prerogative)….are also showering refugee efforts or New York City homeless shelters…ya know?

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2 thoughts on “New York Cliché of the Day: Dogs and the City

  1. We have enjoyed the dogs of the city, the way they are dressed for the weather with sweaters and coats and booties and all. We had to leave our dog at home when we came up here and miss her terribly. We were surprised to find so many dogs here in the city. When we meet a puppy. we ask the owners for permission to pet them and then go crazy petting and hugging, getting our dog-fill.
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  2. I quite understand how you feel Mary. I love dogs and I certainly make sure my dog is well looked after but she is a dog and doesn’t really care about designer duds or any kind of duds really. You make a good point that if people can afford to buy these luxury items for their pets they could also spare a thought for the city’s homeless people or those in less developed countries.
    Owning a dog should not be a luxury though. They bring so much love and companionship and for many people their pets are the only reason they get up in the morning.

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