Saturday Street Art: Stroll Around Mulberry Street NYC

Take a Saturday stroll down Mulberry Street in NYC’s Little Italy, get your fill of both spaghetti and street art.


All this in just two blocks of Mulberry, between Hester and Broome.

This Audrey Hepburn Mural, Audrey of Mulberry by Triston Eaton, was painted in 2013 and I’d say has reached Iconic Street Art Status by 2017.

You know that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie brings a mulberry bush to Aiden’s new bar because it’s on Mulberry Street? Yeah. I couldn’t help but wonder… did Aiden and Steve’s fictional bar commission one of these murals?


Reading the Future in My Espresso by Alice Pasquini

Each of these murals were made possible by the LISA Project. Check it out for more of the street art you’ll find in Little Italy and surrounding neighborhoods.


Beau Stanton 


Sometimes I say who needs museums when you have the NYC streets? Wanna see these amazing pieces for yourself? Here’s the map of exactly where to find them. All in just 2 blocks on Mulberry Street, between Hester and Broome.

Which is your favorite piece? And while you’re there, would you chose cannoli or gelato as a Mulberry Street treat?


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