New York Cliché of the Day: Bubble Installation in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Awesome, unexpected installations pop up in this concrete jungle like mushrooms do in deciduous forests. Sometimes they are for artistic purposes, other times for advertising. It can be hard to tell.

When I saw a giant bubble today, in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge Park, I had my guesses as to what the hell was going on.


Was it a snow globe about to be pumped full of flakes? Perhaps a promotion for Acuvue, representing a giant contact lense?


Turns out it’s the sight for a performance workshop put on by Performa 17. From November 1-19 they’re celebrating their biennial with a huge range of performances all through out the city. Keep your eyes out for them and visit for the full calendar.

Before the workshop began, I was allowed to enter the bubble! Zipped in by the workshop coordinator.

The acoustics in the bubble were amazing. I couldn’t help but think how great a space like this would be for Christmas caroling. Yes, I totally sang to myself in this bubble – but that was part of it’s joy! No one outside could hear!

No surprise, the view on the inside was nothing special. A new photo filter: Bubble. 





Greetings from inside The Environment-Bubble!

I left the safety of the bubble and the real dancers showed up.

They signed up for the workshop in advance, to spend an hour in the bubble lead by choreographer Dimitri Chamblas.

That’s New York City. You never know where you might find yourself in a day here! A bubble might just pop up!

You can catch The Enviornment-Bubble tomorrow in Central Park! At 12pm and 2pm there will be workshops in Mineral Springs, north of Sheep Meadow. Check out Perfoma 17’s calendar for full details: here.




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