New York Cliché of the Day: the Other Side of the New York City Marathon

Every year, just as I’ve gorged myself on enough Halloween candy to feel thoroughly ashamed, an army of exercise mavens descends upon New York City.

The New York City Marathon

Always the first Sunday in November, the 2017 New York City Marathon ran through our 5 boroughs yesterday. It was gray and rainy and I completely avoided it. The photo above is from last year when it was beautiful and sunny. When I ran right into the marathon after a weekend getaway upstate.

If you need to walk across town during the New York City Marathon, what the heck are you suppose to do?

Does all of NYC just keep to their sides of Manhattan while this event goes on? As it turns out, there are no barricades blocking the route….I crossed the street by literally running through the marathon. Waiting for a moment when the stream of runners was fairly sparse and darting across the street quickly, careful to avoid any of them!

It was super intimidating and stressful – you don’t want to fuck up any one’s pace even for a second! But hey, that’s how the cliché chicken gets to the other side during this iconic  New York City event! It’s also how I was a part of the marathon for 20 seconds! Will I ever run the whole thing? Not without really, really good health insurance!

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