New York Cliché of the Day: Preschool and the City

The private preschools in NYC are notoriously competitive. There’s a grueling application process which includes interviewing people who can barely talk yet. It’s so cut-throat there are professional preschool admission coaches! The tuition at the most desirable schools is more than a public college education! It’s a scene that is a source of jokes and bafflement for those on the outside but taken incredibly seriously by those involved.

I have very little reason to ever think of preschool. But I walked by one the other day and was absolutely delighted by what I saw in the window.

Out of the Mouths of Babes, our favorite New York Clichés/Icons!

The Statue of Liberty

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Guggenheim

The Freedom Tower

New York Preschool tuition : 28K a year

The art children make: priceless

I think the Freedom Tower is my favorite. That’s some abstract, cubism shit going on.



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