New York Cliché of the Day: Podcasting in Your Friend’s Apartment

5 years ago, every New York creative cliché you knew was starting a blog. These days, they’re all starting podcasts.

Don’t go thinking I’m an exception to this rule! Where’s my NYC podcast, you ask? I’m working on it, I promise. 

In the meantime, that’s what friends are for! A couple weeks ago, I sat on the couch in my buddy Justin’s apartment and recorded an episode for his storytelling podcast “Did you hear the one…” Total New York cliché…

If you read this blog, you know my preferred medium for storytelling is writing. So it was an fun change of pace to share a story with my vocal cords! If you’ve ever wondered what the hell I sound like, how many “likes” I leave out of my blog, how my home state of California creeps into my inflection…this is your chance! You may also be surprised to discover I’m kinda a loud-mouth… Or maybe you’ve guessed that all along!

You’ll hear stories of Harriet the Spy origins, theme restaurant and Renaissance Faire acting gigs, both NYC subway AND high school theatre clichés, even musings on dying alone! Along with plenty boozy-banter from co-hosts Justin and Joe. Justin who is known to introduce himself to my friends literally like: “Remember the blog where Mary Lane went on date to a fancy Carnegie Hall concert and the guy fell asleep? That was me. ” And Joe who you’ve  actually already seen naked if you ever watched my Pirate Music Video! Then there’s guest host Sara who is also a blogger at Muffin Top Musings.

Yo, with those intros, how could you not want to listen to this?

If you prefer iTunes, it’s easy to find there as well: or search “Did you hear the one”

Thanks J & J for having me on your show! You can follow “Did You Hear the One Podcast” on Instagram and Twitter and tune in for their Halloween special that will be out this week!


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