NYC’s Niftiest Event of the Year, Jazz Age Lawn Party is Here This Weekend!

My favorite time of year is winding down and I’m desperate to suck up every last moment of summer magic I can manage. Slurping it up like the season is a glass of frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 and I’m an NYC blogger (with a formidable sweet tooth). If you’re like me and want to squeeze as many summer adventures as possible before Labor Day, I have one for the top of your list.

The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island!

jazz age lawn party preview outfits

It’s my favorite party of my favorite season! (I don’t say that lightly as my birthday party is in July!)  The Jazz Age Lawn Party swings into Governor’s Island this weekend, August 26-27. The best news for all you cats and dolls- tickets are still available for both days! You won’t find a more delightful event in the whole Tri-state area, nor a better excuse for uttering such phrases as, “It’s the bee’s knees!”

How do I love the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island? Let me count the ways!

1. The lovely, Lively Music of Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra

jazz age lawn party preview band

Not only is the band amazing, with each musician oozing pep and personality, the musical styling is the perfect combination of toe-tappers and crooners. There’s also a lovely feeling (that can be rare in the NYC music scene) that everyone in that band really wants to be there. This is not just another paid gig, they love this event just as much as the party goers. Cherry on the sundae is the dandy straw hats on each member of the Dreamland Orchestra!

2. Down on the Dance Floor is Truly a Dream

jazz age lawn party preview performance

As the band is a dream, it naturally follows that the dance floor is the cat’s pajamas. (There is no better embodiment of that phase than the spirit of this dance floor!) Professional dancers (like the Canarsie Wobblers above), hobbyists who have taken lessons for years, little kids with zero inhibitions, coordinated beginners, and left-footed klutzes (me!) all come together and have a grand old time on this dance floor.

jazz age lawn party preview dancing

The atmosphere is so welcoming and nonjudgmental, it truly feels like a dream. You can’t help but shake a leg!

jazz age lawn party preview dance floor

3. Day Drinking Has Never Been So Dandy

jazz age lawn party preview parasols

I can’t deny that the bathtub gin may be in part responsible for the spirit of the dance floor (pun every bit intended)… The drinks flow freely at this day time event and are as refreshing as any sun bathed, late summer lawn party requires. Especially one celebrating the era of the speakeasy!

4. Picnic Perfect


If I could eat every meal sitting in the sunshine, I would. I love picnics and they’re a huge feature of this party! Attendees go ALL OUT with giant wicker baskets filled to the brim with delicious treats, even Insta-worthy tea trays (see above)! There’s no shortage of food available for purchase as well. As a response to complaints of long lines for food in the past, Jazz Age Lawn Party is debuting “Dreamland Gourmet Picnic Totes” this year as part of their “Bee’s Knees and “Bonnie & Clyde” ticket packages. I’m dying to know all the goodies in them but also enjoy the surprise of waiting til Sunday to find out!

If you don’t bring anything else, definitely bring water! It’s supposed to be a perfect weather weekend but with the sun, dancing, and day drinking staying hydrated is mandatory!

5. A Good Old Fashioned Fashion Show


jazz age lawn party preview bathing beauties

The whole lawn might as well be a runway: this party is one giant fashion show. Everyone gets into the swing of things and dresses up. Nifty head wear and parasols are the must-have accessories of this soiree. If in doubt (or uncomfortable with the roaring 20’s silhouette), you can’t go wrong with standard garden party attire. Even you, fellas: my date last year ignored my advice to dress up and wore cargo shorts. “I should’ve listened to you!” was the direct quote.

jazz age lawn party preview attendees

Believe me, it’s fun to be festive. Any nod to the period makes this extra fun! There are many open air vendors stocked with vintage and vintage-inspired treasures. Chances are you’ll be dying for a jaunty hat after so much style inspiration for others!

jazz age lawn party preview 2016

Pie Not??

jazz age lawn party preview pie contest

There’s even a pie contest for anyone to enter and later sample! It’s a lovely throwback to this bygone era, of community socials and having no other choice but making things from scratch. Everyone is so friendly at this event and you’re sure to strike up some fun conversations with strangers, even form friendships. That’s just the natural flow of things when you all share homemade pie together.

I’m Jazz Age Lawn Party’s biggest fan!

jazz age lawn party preview fan

I just love the excuse to make stupid puns that would’ve been hi-brow humor back in the day!  But really, it’s that sense of community and openness that I just described that makes this event so special. It’s welcoming and delightful and the epitome of a grand old time.

If you need convincing (golly!), check out my posts from Jazz Age Lawn Parties past – 2014, 2015 & 2016 – to see exactly what it’s like!

jazz age lawn party preview nycHere I am on the dance floor posing at last year’s party!

While writing this post, my kindred NYC blogger spirit Girl In Gotham City published her own blog on the event! Great minds. Check out her experience and a great list of DOs and DON’Ts: HERE!

For full information and tickets check out and maybe I’ll catch you on the dance floor on Sunday! And aw shucks, if you can’t make it, I promise an extensive live-vicariously-through-me post next week!

jazz age lawn party preview governors island

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  1. These are fantastic pictures and you look marvelous! I love your focus on the dancing and the PIE contest! Oh man. I just had lunch but I would definitely judge if someone asked 😉 I hope you tear it up on the dance floor again this year! Thanks so much for your sweet words and for sending people over my way!

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