Sweeten Any Morning with Doughnuts from Doughnut Plant

Sometimes you wake up after a night of crampy crappy sleep, it’s only Tuesday but it already feels like a long week. It’s raining out, work makes you want to slam your head into the desk, even your body hates you. This kind of morning calls for a secret weapon. It calls for self medication beyond a caramel macchiato.

doughnut plant chelsea donuts

This kind of morning is why doughnuts exist. The preponderance of mornings like this is why so many artisanal doughnut shops have popped up all over NYC. Chances are there’s one on your way to work.

Doughnut Plant in Chelsea is my go-to for a morning pick-me-up.

doughnut plant chelsea inside

Just walk in the door and your senses are delighted. The giant doughnut art on the hanging on the wall is a treat for the eyes. Breathe in deep and the smell of sugar and baking dough makes you feel elated. Even the sound of a milk steamer makes this place feel cozy while you wait in line contemplating your selection.

doughnut plant chelsea selections

It’s a selection that can be overwhelming- so many choices! Dense cake doughnuts and classic fluffy big yeast doughnuts are just the beginning. Then you have their “doughseeds”  filled with rich creams like Creme Brûlée and Chocolate Hazelnut. Further still, Doughnut Plant always has some fun seasonal doughnut depending on the time of year. Like King’s Crown doughnuts for Mardi Gras.

doughnut plant chelsea specialty

Like I said, it could be easy to get overwhelmed, it’s too early to make decisions! This is why I insist you listen your heart. If the Chocolate doughnut calls out to you, you much listen! If the Vanilla Bean & Blackberry Jam makes you wonder…let it answer all your questions. If eating a crown shaped doughnut while singing “King of New York” from Newsies would make your morning that much better….well then you must!

doughnut plant chelsea selfie
“Look at me! I’m the king of New York! NOM NOM NOM!”

You’ll never be able to visit a Dunkin’ Donuts again. Doughnut Plant will turn you into a doughnut snob in the best possible way. They even have a lot of vegan options and pride themselves on never using eggs. If you want to feel even better about starting your day with dessert, check out the history page on Doughnut Plan’t website. There is love in each of these handcrafted doughnuts. Sweet sweet love. Sugar and love, that’s a recipe to turn around a shitty morning.

doughnut plant chelsea

Doughnut Plant has 4 locations in New York City. Visit all of them! Oh, and if you want to make everyone at your office FUCKING LOVE YOU pick up a whole box of different flavors.

HOTEL CHELSEA220 W 23rd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues


LOWER EAST SIDE379 Grand Street, between Essex and Norfolk


BROOKLYN245 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights


QUEENSFalchi Building: 31-00 47th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens

doughnut plant chelsea wall art

Have you tried artisanal doughnuts? What’s your favorite flavor? Would you try a Carrot Cake doughnut? Or a Matcha Green Tea doughnut?

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  1. Okay, so that King’s Crown doughnut IS pretty adorable. I may just have to give it another try! And of course, as a fellow doughnut lover, those decorative doughnut pillows make me so happy (and seriously tempted to redecorate my apartment). Also, I totally agree – even just the sound of the milk frothers can make any day instantly better!

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