Rogue Street Art Outside Comme Des Garcons Designer Boutique in Chelsea

If you go to the most west block of 22nd Street, past the High Line between 10th and 11th Avenues, you will find a building unlike any other in Manhattan.

Continuing my Sundays Are For Street Art Series…

The sign above the entrance of the brick structure reads:

Heavenly Body Works: Insurance Estimates, Quality Auto Body Repair and Refinishing


Below the sign is a collection of street art- painting, stencil, sticker- more eclectic than your 4th grade “My Favorite Things Collage!”


It’s a treasure trove of street art. You could also say a cluster-fuck of street art. It’s free range and organic, multiplying faster than chickens. Sporadic- a new addition to the already well covered wall may pop up over night.


I have a job on the same block as this building. I love walking by it, watching it evolve.

Despite the signs, no one would ever think this was an auto repair show anymore. I always assumed the building housed an art gallery- this part of town is full of them. Turns out it’s actually a Commes Des Garçons boutique! Zut alors! I never would have guessed a French designer label being so cool they embrace this kind of street art anarchy on the face of their store. Tres bien!


This is the entrance. J’adore. Magnifique, non?

No surprise, art is getting more political these days. But brava to the designer for censoring nothing.




If you’re familiar with the NYC street art scene, you’ll recognize some heavy hitters here. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the concentration of creativity. Each piece can really speaks for itself. But enjoy the conversation of them all being forced one on top of the other, ya know, like New York City apartments.



I’m a messy person with an appreciating for chaos. That may have a lot to do with why this appeals to me. Any super organized people out there who are pained by this display?




Hey, I’m not sure anything has made me like a designer more. So Comme des Garçons, the minute I have $200 to spend on a cotton t-shirt, I’m walking down your fabulous silver tunnel and opening that egg-shaped glass door. Until then, I’ll enjoy your incredible commitment to rogue street art. Merci beaucoup. 

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