Snow Day Street Art at First Street Green Art Park

Snow didn’t stop all Saturday. The concrete jungle was colorless with hardly a yellow cab to break up the white and gray. Instead of hibernating in my warm apartment, I trekked out onto the frosty streets in search of color.

First Street Green Art Park


On the boarder of the East Village and Lower East Side, this park is the most reliable, concentrated source of street art in lower Manhattan. The whiteness of the snow really made the colorful walls stand out.


Plus I had the whole park to myself! The snow was pure and white, untouched by the grime of foot prints or the yellow of dog piss. This tiny park was my own, personal street art winter wonderland. It was pretty.

Pretty magical.


The art on the walls of this park changes frequently enough that there’s almost always something new every time I visit. That’s the fleeting nature of street art, for better or for worse. But I doubt any artist will be applying their paint brushes while the walls are surrounded by snow. The white stuff even changed the art in certain patches. Sure beats rival tags.


2nd Avenue and 1st Street. That’s where you’ll find First Street Green Art Park. Regardless of the weather, you’re guaranteed a sweet art show.






Not exactly a cliché snow day, but certainly more stimulating than my Netflix queue.

Falling snow makes everything prettier, don’t you think? I love that these pictures capture that.

Yes, even selfies.


See that coat? My mother got it for me for Christmas so we have her to thank for making me warm enough for winter adventures like this! Thanks, Mama! This Hektak heart wall’s for you:


Which wall is your favorite? Do you think I’m crazy for heading out in the snow to snap some pictures? I also went to the New Museum…more on that this week! How did you spend your snow day? Or what part of the world are you in where you aren’t seeing snow?

For more information on First Street Green Art Park and the artists featured here, visit their website HERE. Or just snowshoe over to 1st and 2nd!

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5 thoughts on “Snow Day Street Art at First Street Green Art Park

  1. I love that last one, the heart wall. And yes, you might be a little crazy for going out in that intense cold, but hey, that’s what keeps life exciting. My North Carolina snow day involved homemade DONUTS, eaten after sauerkraut and potatoes. Weird, I know, but super delicious. 🙂

    1. That sounds absolutely delicious- a very German combination? Home made donuts do not seem like the easiest thing to pop off so bravo!

    1. It has been really pretty hear with the snow! It’ll snow one day and then be 45 degrees the next day, so the snow melts before it has time to get dirty and gross! If you want to see more like the heart wall (totally agree it’s awesome), I follow the artist on Instagram –

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