Blogs I Want to Be More Like In 2017, OR Favorite Blogs of 2016

This will come as no surprise: I read some awesome blogs in 2016.

If you want to make your New Year better, brighter, smarter, and more hilarious – bookmark them all for 2017. With all the crap 2016 rained down on us, every one can use more creativity and less crap from the internet!

blogs that inspire

Blog Crush of 2016

AA at

Humor, personal stories, gifs for the ages, and “Empowering lady stuff“: a recipe for a fab blog. Allison Arnone is like that girl in school who was hilarious without even trying, creative as hell, and had really great hair. You’d hate her except that’s impossible because she’s so awesome her blog name honesty should be AAA: for AWESOME Allison Arnone. This gal cranks out content with such consistent quality, it’s inspiring AF.

Here, don’t believe me, read for yourself with two of my favorites posts of hers:

When it Comes to Happiness?  Worry About Your Own.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Blog BFF of 2016

Meghan Sara at

Humor, personal stories, femiNASTYism, New York, vulnerability….are you noticing a pattern here? I’ve followed Meghan Sara’s blog for years and she really kicked 2016 ass as far as the blogosphere is concerned. Meghan is witty as hell and inspiring in her new-found fearlessness. She shares satire, selfies, AND her struggles with equal strength. I’ve never read a blogger who more embodies “think outside the box” with what she posts.

She’s brightened more of my days than she’ll ever know, start reading her blog and you’ll feel the same:

5 Tips For Dressing Warm & Stylish In NYC This Winter!!!

Why Are Job Interviews SO MUCH HARDER Than First Dates?

NYC Travel Guide of 2016

Lynn and Justin: Mad Hatters NYC at

Lynn and Justin are more in love than any couple I’ve ever seen — with New York City! That’s the kind of love I can relate too! And the product of this special love is their delightful and wonderfully informative blog Mad Hatters NYC. If I’m ever looking for something to do: a memorable date idea, where to take Mom when she visited, or just blog-worthy a way to spend a free afternoon, L & J take care of me ALL THE WAY. Where to go, when to visit, even where to get a meal after. It is a perfectly curated, classy NYC activity guide mixed with personal anecdotes and on point photography.

With so many things to do in this city, it’s impossible to do them all and I love reading their posts when I miss something! Like:

The Patricia Field Boutique

Add the to your NYC reference list. This is another favorite of mine:

It’s 3.142 O’clock Somewhere: An Ode to the Best Pie in NYC

Best Newbie Blogger of 2016

Contradictory and True at

Honest, genuine, and so refreshing, I love this brand new anonymous blog about single life in the Midwest. On one hand I relate to it so much, but on the other hand it is so completely different from my experience. Written by a divorced mother of young children, she shares stories of what it’s like being  back on the dating scene for the first time in a decade. This blog really gets back to the root of what made blogs so appealing in the first place and is with the wisdom that none of us had when we started our blogs about being single in our twenties.

Check out:



Other Blogs I Loved in 2016:

My Favorite Dude Perspective of 2016:
Demetrius at Tao of Indifference

No blogger keeps me more sane in the mad, mad world of NYC dating.
Check out: What if you found “The One” at the wrong time?

My Favorite NYC Perspective of 2016:
Tracy at Tracy’s New York Life  

No blogger is more reliable for great articles about NYC life.
Check out: 7 Situations You Shouldn’t Take Personally in NYC

My Favorite Single Perspective of 2016: Sonya at Single Strides

No blogger takes being single more in stride and I of course love that she moved to NYC this year!
Check out: The First Twenty Something Days In NYC As A Twenty Something Girl

My Favorite Outside NYC Perspective of 2016: Charlotte Steggz at

No blogger is more supportive and fulfills my bloody ridiculous fantasies of being a Brit!
Check out: Thought on Comedy


If there’s one thing that gives me hope we aren’t doomed by Trumpoclypse, it’s people who take time every week to sit down, create, and share their stories. THANK YOU ALL! There are a lot of amazing bloggers I didn’t include in this post…which sucks… So please, please share your blog and your 2016 favorites in the comments!


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  1. Hey Mary Lane! Thank you so much for the mention, it’s an incredible honor! We’ve followed along with your blog and we’ve always looked at your capacity to be open, honest and authentic as an inspiration. We’re looking forward to checking out your recommendations, good hair and all. 😉

  2. Ermagerd, I am so flattered that a) I made this list and b) you chose such a badass picture of me. Triple thumbs up! In 2017 we should join bloggy forces and our radiant blogginess will eradicate all evil from the universe or maybe we could just take turns taking pictures of each other eating macarons in front of graffiti walls. Let’s make it happen, 2017!

    (But in all seriousness, you moved me to tears. I really can’t thank you enough for your kind words.)
    Meghan Sara recently posted…Currently… in January 2017My Profile

  3. Wanted to thank you again for this now that I’m back in NY from Miami and can comment! I’m so flattered & will be checking these other blogs out now 🙂 Here’s to bigger and better things in ’17! (and maybe we can finally collab on something??)

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