911 Tribute Light Shines Bright Throughout NYC

I looked out my window last night and this is what I saw:


Way up in Harlem, over 200 blocks away, the 9/11 Tribute shone bright. So did the moon.

I sat at my window and thought of all the people who lost their lives 15 years ago. I stared at the moon and thought of bravery and courage and rebuilding. At the tippy top of the beam of light, I could see two stars and I made a wish on each of them. For the first responders, people who lost their lives, for the loved ones who still feel gaping ground zero holes in their hearts every day. 

I never sit at my window and peacefully stare at the sky. It was nice. I watched until the beam and the moon came together, as though the 911 Tribute of Light is so bright, it shines all the way up to the moon.

911 tribute light and moon


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