Silent Disco Means Dancing Like A Maniac Under the Stars in NYC

Have you heard of “silent disco“? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Or maybe a phenomenon during power outages in the 80s, where every one was so coked up they just kept on dancing?

I attended a silent disco on the waterfront of Long Island City, so I can tell you about this “quiet clubbing”!


At a silent disco the only music available is through headphones. Before entering the dance floor, everyone is handed a pair of hefty headphones. Entering the dance floor, a sea of glowing headphones bob up and down, glowing in three different colors. It’s weirdly quiet, except for the stomp of dancing feet and the occasional person yelling singing along to the music.

Music that you absolutely can not hear until you slip those headphones on!

quiet clubbing nyc

Get those puppies on your ears and the party is completely transformed.

Three different DJs supply the tunes for 3 different channels, each with different songs, easily switched with the click of a button. Wanna dance with me? Ya better sync up to the Blue Channel! Unless you’re so confident in Red and that you’re dance moves will convince me to switch! OR just want to embrace the awkwardness of dancing to two different rhythms.

silent disco nycWe were dancing outside in New York City, with this incredible view. Amazing right? And no fear of noise complaints thanks to totes stylish headphones.


The silent disco event I went to was all ages. It was really cute to see families having a blast, with tiny little kids and senior citizens with killer moves tear up the dance floor. No one can complain the music is too loud because headphones mean you control the volume! Oh YES, let me say good bye to that unsettling ringing in my ears that follows the whole way home after a night of dancing. I’d much prefer head phones now to hearing aids in 30 years!

Can you spot the sleeping baby in this picture? Yep. Silent disco is so quiet, a baby can sleep!

September is the month I want to do absolutely everything outside. The weather is perfect. Dancing under the stars in New York City, it doesn’t get better than that! Another wonderful thing about quiet clubbing? You don’t have to scream at your friends, or any attractive people you might meet, trying to be heard over typical club music! Just lower your headphones and poof easy conversation!

Yep, my classically trained snobby vocal cords adore silent disco.

silent disco new york

There are silent discos all over NYC, especially this month! Click for the Quiet Events calendar. The one I went to was FREE, as several events on the upcoming calendar are. There’s a Staten Island Ferry Dance Party in late September, sometimes they even have them on subways! You can also rent a batch of headphones for a private party. I’ve started to hear of people using them for weddings! Just make sure your hair-do will accommodate the band of the headphones.

silent disco dance

Haha, is post so glowing (pun intended) it’s suspect? Quiet Events did not sponsor this post, I promise! I just think this is a really rad new dance craze sweeping the city. I can’t imagine any criticism- well, aside from the headphones not matching you perfect outfit.

Have you ever been to a silent disco or quiet dance party? When was the last time you danced under the stars? Are you as inclined to breaking headphones as I am? Fortunately the quiet clubbing ones are much sturdier than the earbuds I constantly destroy listening to podcasts on the subway!


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