Black Cat Street Art on the Prowl in Soho

Is Soho painted with CAT-astrophic bad luck or a CAT-cophony of cuteness?

cat stencil art soho

Black cat street art is scampering around the cobble stone streets on NYC’s shopping district.

It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Or to mistake for an actual cat. I saw the first little kitty sitting outside a new juice place on Mercer Street. The sun was shining on him, the perfect lighting for my shadow to give him a pat on the head.

black cat street art soho

I noticed other cats prowling Prince Street and another who may have been caterwauling at One World Trade.

cats soho streets

One highbrow meow studying a sculpture outside a gallery. Perhaps she’s contemplating how best to climb it.

cat street art soho

New Yorkers are superstitious about the MTA, Wall Street, and walking under construction scaffolding. Not cats. 

Black cats are our friends. They flop on the floor of our neighborhood bodegas and we pet them as we wait for our black coffee. 

But hey, if you walk into a store in Soho and nothing is on sale? Blame the black cats! Break your heel on a cobble stone? Damn you, witch’s familiar! We now have something cute to blame for the giant lines at Uniqlo or Alice & Olivia being sold out of your size. Saturday morning shopping is less stressful with the purrfect scapegoat cat.

Don’t feel left out, Dog People!

There are always plenty of adorable dogs in Soho! I came across this guy hanging outside a dry cleaners, presumably where his people work. He just lounges around in the sun, leash-less, without a care in the world. This dog is all my #SummerGoals.

dog w broadway

I ate my lunch next to this cutie:

dog soho

And captured this adorable scene on Broadway.

puppy soho

Funny how they all happen to be similar breeds of dogs! I guess I have a type… Or maybe all the dogs in the neighborhood look as similar as the cats do!

I bet I missed a cat or two, if you know of more in the area, let me know! I tried to find info about the artist and my search brought up nothing for Soho. Maybe it’s all an undercover ad for The Secret Life of Pets. Or Stella McCartney whose windows look like this:

cats stella mccartney

Thanks for reading! Until we meet again next post, or check me out on Twitter or Instagram.

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