New York Cliché Hashtag War #ManhattanABook

There’s nothing fun about war. Unless you’re playing the classic card game with your niece or taking part in one of my favorite aspects of Twitter. Hashtag wars! A hashtag war is a battle of wits where the “pound sign” is mightier than the sword. If that makes no sense to you, here let me show you.

I started my very own New York Cliché hashtag war on Thursdays. As host, I pick a hashtag and then rack my brain for the funniest ways to utilize it. And encourage others to do the same. Yesterday’s hashtag was #ManhattanABook. Wit, literary illusions, and plenty NYC centric puns ensued:

If you’ve spent a summer, you’ve lived this story.

A brilliant use of NYC best inside joke, you can always count on Dr. Zizmor.

Even Seamless, every New Yorker’s BFF, got involved!

Starting a hashtag war is the perfect way to make a slow day at work speed up, let me tell you. It’s much more of a brain exercise than playing Candy Crush or Words with Friends. Hey, it’s even a way to make friends. With a hashtag centered around my three favorite things: humor, New York City, and books, any one who participated is my kind of person (thanks for playing all!). If you’re on Twitter, you should follow all the awesome people who wrote the tweets above! Add your own #ManhattanABook tweets and look out for next Thursday’s New York Cliché hashtag. I’m very much open to suggestions and advice! I didn’t do any research in “How to Start Your Own Hashtag War”, I just did it. Which is definitely part of the beauty of Twitter!

Part of the beauty of NYC? Let me leave you with some of my favorite scenes this week:

New York Cliche Union Square Sculpture

New public art in Union Square.

New York Cliche union square

Stop to take in the art AND to smell the roses on the east side of Union Square.

New York Cliche little italy

Little Italy streets and street art.

New York Cliche columbus circle

The view of Columbus Circle from the lobby of Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m super excited for the Mermaid Parade tomorrow! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a trip to Coney Island to see what I mean, or just wait for my blog post about it next week!



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