Governor’s Island Is Open For the Season and You Gotta Go!

The cliche is, once Memorial Day hits, New Yorkers escape the city for the Hamptons as much as humanly possible.

governors island lawn

But what about those of us who hate three hours of bumper to bumper traffic?

Those of us who have panic attacks when packed like sardines on an LIRR train?

New Yorkers who can’t tell you the rules of tennis if you threatened us with a weed whacker to our throats?

We who feel we are performing a part in a play if we put on a polo shirt?

What about the New Yorkers who can’t afford multi-million dollar summer mansions the size of our hometown elementary schools?

I’ll be honest, I get separation anxiety if I go more than a couple days with out seeing a skyscraper.
manhattan skylineThat’s why I’ll take an escape to Governor’s Island over the Hamptons any weekend of the summer.

Sure there’s no swimming, but I have little to no desire to worry about my “beach bod” anyway. Governor’s Island opened for the season Memorial Day weekend. I made the trip this past weekend and enjoyed the whimsical Figment Art Festival.

governors island figment art

There’s always something fun happening on Governor’s Island, always a new area to explore (their opening a whole new section later this summer!) If you go this coming weekend, June 11th and 12th, you’ll be transported back to the roaring 20s with the delightful Jazz Age Lawn Party. One of NYC’s best summer events- I dare you to check out my coverage from 2015 and 2014 and not want to go! If you can’t go this weekend, they host another weekend in August too!

governors island picnic

Governor’s Island is a 10 minute ferry ride from Manhattan of Brooklyn. Yep. You can only get there by ferry. It has perfect lawns for picnics, an awesome selection of food trucks, bicycles for rent, no cars, a hammock grove, awesome events every weekend, and killer views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

governors island statue of liberty


It’s the perfect day trip, the perfect NYC summer activity. The ferry costs $2 and leaves every half hour. You catch it at the bottom of Manhattan, just east of the Staten Island Ferry.

governors island figment festival

No one lives on Governor’s Island. There is a cluster of houses that were once occupied by military officers. Now some of them sell jewelry and other crafty things, others are performance spaces and art galleries.

It’s a magical island where everything is 80% more chill than they are in any other corner of the city.

governors island whimsy

I’m flabbergasted whenever I meet a New Yorker who has never been! I don’t take the information well: “WHAT!? You’ve never been to Governor’s Island!? YOU HAVE TO GO! Nothing in this town is more delightful! GOOO!!!” Seriously, go. It’s great.


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  1. I’m so jealous you were at Figment! A couple of our Burning Man friends worked the event and GOT ENGAGED there! I’m trying to buy tickets to the Jazz Age Lawn Party right now but I think the website is broken! Gah!
    Meghan Sara recently posted…New York HolidaysMy Profile

    1. There was a Figment wedding going on too! So much love on that lawn! Do people have weddings at Burning Man?

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