I Got Robbed on the Streets of New York City (Part 3)

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2

I was sitting on a hard wooden bench waiting to testify in front of a grand jury at the New York City courthouse. An older man, probably in his 50s, came up to me. He had a large bruise covering a considerable part of his face and a big white bandage just above his left eye.

“Are you the woman who chased the guy?” He asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied, some what sheepishly, “That was me.”

“Thank you,” said the man, “Without you, he would have gotten away.”

That’s when I learned the person who had stolen my phone, the one who I had chased down the street, taunting when he slowed down, had targeted two people before me. Each of those two people had been physically assaulted, punched in the face by the man I’d screamed “FUCK YOU” at countless times. They’d been hospitalized, bruised, had gravel from the city streets removed from gaping wounds on their faces. I’d come face to face with their attacker and walked away with out a scratch.

This revelation left me stunned all over again, just like the feeling of standing on the street immediately after getting my phone back from the shit head who robbed me.

How had this happened to me and how was I SO. Insanely. LUCKY?????

I felt luckier than the 11 people who win the Hamilton Lottery every day.

She's so lucky.
“She’s so lucky.” Having a Britney moment.

Luckier than my roommate’s friend’s boyfriend’s co-worker who won an Affordable Housing lottery and lives in a beautiful one bedroom in Williamsburg for $800/month.

Luckier than that blogger who had the right agent stumble across her blog and now she has a book deal.

I also felt extremely conflicted. On one hand, I felt like an absolutely idiot for chasing after a criminal. Like I said before, I did everything you’re not supposed to do! And for good reason! The guy I’d chased was a violent, dangerous person! On the other hand, this guy with a bandage was thanking me; the lead detective on the case was giving me accolades, saying I was an inspiration to him.

They never would have caught him without me.

And without the kindness of strangers on the New York City street. A kind stranger called the police. More kind strangers pointed the thief out to school security guards saying “He just stole a woman’s phone!” The thief had run onto a block dominated Fashion Institute of Technology buildings. When I got to where he was he was circled by no fewer than 20 uniformed FIT security guards.

Time for my Funny Girl moment.

Strangers waited with me for the police to come. They told me they were glad I was safe, glad I’d gotten my phone back, glad we’d caught the guy. Only moments after feeling so violated on the exact same street, now I felt so supported. Everyone was so kind to me.

When shit gets real, New Yorkers are there for each other. It was all the bad and all the good of New York in a span of about 15 minutes and 1 New York City block.

That’s the end of the story of the time I got robbed (but not assaulted!) on the New York City streets.

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10 thoughts on “I Got Robbed on the Streets of New York City (Part 3)

  1. I love your blog and following your adventures. As someone with 16 years in law enforcement living in the DC metro area, where iPhones are stolen all the time. A phone is not worth your life. Yes, you are lucky. Next time, just let the phone go. The only time you should fight a criminal is when you are being attacked and/or being raped – I always say bite, punch, anything. However for cell phone — let it go. I would like to continue reading your adventures. You are truly blessed that day. Please be careful out there!

  2. Wow. I’m so glad it worked out in the end, and that’s so cool that your at-the-time feeling like you did the wrong thing turned out to be what helped catch him. That’s really cool that everyone came together like that to help catch the guy. And most of all, glad you came out of it unharmed! That’s terrible what happened to the other two he targeted. 🙁

  3. Apparently Consequence made a good showing! Very glad this worked out in your favor. Please be careful! I do love your adventures but perhaps not as exciting as this one!

  4. Omg! I can only imagine that it’s a conflicting feeling in hind sight but you did what you feel like you had to do in the moment. I wonder if it’s a city girl instinct. My other SF-native-moved-to-NY friend had the same reaction to chase the perpetrator down when her purse good snatched. There’s too much city in you to stand back.

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