12 Reasons to Visit Macy’s SantaLand NYC Even If You’re All Grown Up

If you’ve seen The Miracle on 34th Street, you know the “one and only Santa Claus” spends the holiday season at Macy’s in Herald Square. This is something the department store has celebrated ever since. If you head to the 8th Floor of the world’s biggest store- yep, Macy’s on 34th Street claims that title- you can journey through a section of the store where nothing is for sale. This is Macy’s SantaLand. A maze of Christmas magic, decorations coming at you from all directions, leading you to the big man himself, Kris Kringle.

It’s well-regarded as a NYC holiday-must to take your child to see Santa. But Macy’s SantaLand isn’t like a playground, there’s no sign that says “adults must be accompanied by children”. In fact, anyone is welcome to visit Santa. There are plenty of reasons to visit SantaLand with or without kids. Wanna know why we the child-less should make the trip this season?

Bah Humbug to being a grown up! We still got plenty o’ reasons to still visit Santa!


1 You want a safe space to say “Merry Christmas” without feeling loathsomely un-PC.


Everyone in SantaLand says Merry Christmas. You’re there to see Santa and that’s his thing.

2 It’s the ultimate Throwback Thursday #tbt.

You’ll probably feel like a kid again walking through SantaLand. If you sit on Santa’s lap (yes, he even invites “big kids” but no pressure), you’ll definitely feel like a kid again when he asks you if you’ve been good this year.

If this question sends you into an existential crisis, the pains of adulthood will come quickly crashing back.

3 It’s better than all the ugly christmas sweaters at Urban Outfitters sewn together.


Oh you could call it kitschy, a little cheesy, or a lot of cliché. It’s classic Christmas and that’s the fun.

4 It’s in the heart of Manhattan and it’s totally FREE.


That alone makes it worth visiting.

5 You want a festive AF profile picture.


Think of all the likes! Elves (oh yes, there are elves!) are happy to have you take pictures on your own camera and there is surprisingly little pressure to buy the Macy’s official picture packages.

6 You’re obsessed with David Sedaris.

This was where he did the research for The SantaLand Diaries. Don’t you want to see how the book compares?

7 Or the Miracle on 34th Street.


8 You need an antidote to this weekend’s Santa Con.


Saturday the streets of NYC will be flooded with millennials in Santa outfits on a giant pub crawl called Santa Con. If you’re one of the many people who hate this drunk tradition, you can head to SantaLand to see the one sober Santa in NYC.

9 You want Macy’s to donate a $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


For every letter to Santa receives at Macy’s the department store is donating a dollar to Make-A-Wish. That’s a pretty great reason to write a letter instead of an email!

10 You have a Christmas wish you need to come true.


There’s something to be said for the power of prayer, regardless of your beliefs. There may also be power in telling a kind, understanding man in a red suit what you wish for. Besides, rumor has it he’s got magical connections.

11 You feel lonely, need someone to listen to you, or just want a hug.


When visiting Santa, you have his undivided attention. That’s a rare gift and it truly makes you feel pretty special.

12 People compared you and your love of Christmas to Buddy the Elf. You just love Christmas!!

Enough said!

You gotta go in with holiday spirit and the joy of playing along. If you want to fuck with Santa or mess with his elves, stay away from SantaLand and check out Santa Con tomorrow, Saturday December 12.
To skip the line you can get reserve a SantaLand Express Pass 48 hours before your visit (it’s also free!). For more tips check out my post: Tips for Visiting Macy’s SantaLand (Trust Me, My Roommate’s an Elf)

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