THE RIDE NYC Ballet Dancers Put on a Show in Columbus Circle

Years ago in January 2012, I stumbled upon a ballet performance in Columbus Circle.

columbus circle ballet

It blew my mind. We’re they street performers? To broke to rent a rehearsal space? Simply sharing the gift of dance? I couldn’t figure it out! After sharing my confusion and delight in the post Ballerinas Take to the New York City Streets, I quickly learned the story behind these dancers. They were performing for the bus tour The Ride, which combines typical guided tour of the city with planned performances viewed from the giant sideways windows of the bus.


I was walking through Columbus Circle on a warmish winter night and stopped to photograph the Time Warner Center holiday stars. But the stars had holiday competition! A woman dressed in ballet regalia lit up like a Christmas tree. I immediately recognized this must be the night version of The Ride ballet performance! I decided to sit on the steps of the statue and enjoy the performance from the street perspective!


I watched them warm up, watched them wait for the bus that was carrying their audience.

My patience paid off.


There’s the bus!


It was fun to watch other people sitting in Columus Circle who had no idea what was going on. I felt like I was in on a beautiful ballet secret .

The performance lasts all of 5 minutes, not even. It’s the length of a slow drive around the Columbus Circle traffic rotary.


Fleeting. Not worth going to Columbus Circle with the intent of catching the show. But if you happen to be in the area and see a glowing ballerina? Stay and be delighted.


You can learn more about THE RIDE at their website:

They even have a special holiday RIDE now through January 3rd.


Only in NYC can you stumble across a ballet performance in the middle of a traffic circle. That’s New York City magic, folks.

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